Bewildering: “A Problem With Discernment”

Bewildering: “A Problem With Discernment”

[“Oh, in the diocese of X there are still many priests” or to quote a well-known anti-clerical phrase especially used in and about Latin America, “It is priest-ridden.” “This means that there is a problem with discernment”: Whose problem? If not the diocese or the priests, then …]

The French blog reports about a group of newly ordained priests in white collar-shirt, all from the same diocese, who made a pilgrimage to Rome some days ago. They asked to have lunch at Casa Santa Marta and to concelebrate with Francis the next day. During lunch, Francis came up to them, “Where are you from?” The priests proudly answered, “From the diocese of X.” Francis, apparently in a bad mood, replied, “Oh, in X there are still many priests. This means that there is a problem, a problem with discernment.” And he continued his way.

The information stems from a priest whom the blog identifies as a publicly known personality above any suspicion but who needs to be protected from reprisals.

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