Jesuit “Catholic” Marquette University foots the bill for faculty to attend ‘Overcoming Islamophobia’ seminar

Jesuit “Catholic” Marquette University foots the bill for faculty to attend ‘Overcoming Islamophobia’ seminar

JULY 18, 2017

Marquette University, a Catholic institution, will foot the bill for members of its faculty to attend an upcoming seminar on combating Islamophobia.

The August 7 event, “Overcoming Islamophobia: Creating a Positive Classroom Culture,” will be held at a nearby college in Milwaukee and Marquette will pay the $30 fee for its faculty to attend, The Daily Caller News Foundation reports. A university webpage states Marquette’s Office of International Education is sponsoring the event for faculty.

From the article:

The event is co-sponsored by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Alverno College, the Milwaukee Muslim Women’s Coalition and the Islamic Society of Milwaukee. Marquette University will grant attendees that submit a written assignment pertaining to Islamophobia an Alverno graduate credit.

“Many recent polls have shown an upsurge of hate crimes against Muslims and Muslim institutions since the beginning of the presidential campaign, and again after the president took office and launched (now three) variations of the Muslim ban that he promised on the campaign trail,” Janan Najeeb, president of the Milwaukee Muslim Women’s Coalition, told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Najeeb said Muslim students are common victims of bullying and teachers need to learn how to stop it.

“Educators need to be aware of blatant bullying as well as subtle ways in which students are made to feel marginalized, and how to have zero tolerance for this,” she said.

An informational blurb about the seminar on a University of Wisconsin-Madison webpage states the “Overcoming Islamophobia” event has a two-fold purpose to “explore resources, background, and related issues of Islamophobia” and “to introduce ways to build positive classroom communities.”

“This workshop designed for k-12 and higher education audiences and includes national speakers, a visit to the Islamic Society of Milwaukee with authentic lunch, and success stories from classroom teachers,” the webpage states.

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