Austria: majority of altar servers are girls

Austria: majority of altar servers are girls


[N.B.: Items in quotation marks are from the source article referenced below; e.g., altar service is no longer regarded as a seedbed for priestly vocations (unless for women’s ordination) but as “a sign of liberty and equality”]

Catholic World News – July 19, 2017

Nearly a quarter century after the practice of female altar servers became licit, 55% of Austria’s 45,000 altar servers are girls, according to statistics published by the Archdiocese of Vienna [“higher in relation to the persons in charge of altar service: in the past, the only management was by chaplains or clerics, but now women and girls”].

In addition, 2,800 of the 5,000 persons who supervise altar servers in Austria are women [“less educational and social activities, and women are clearly more inclined to interaction and communication”].


Reference: Austria: more and more girls as altar servers (SIR)

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  1. On the flip side … Austria: ordinations down

    Posted on 19 July 2017 by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf

    At we read:

    Number of Catholic new priests [in Austria] reaches new low

    18 new Roman Catholic priests will be consecrated this year in Austria around the St. Peter and Paul Apostles on June 29th. The number of priest ordinations is likely to reach a new low.
    This year’s priest “vintage” is between 29 and 57 years old. Ten come from religious orders, eight are diocesan priests. Among the candidates for [ordination], there are also several “retired people”, such as a former physicist, a former aircraft mechanic and a trained gardener, and as in previous years, only a part comes from Austria. Eleven of the candidates are born here, the others are from Germany, Poland, India and Vietnam.

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