German Canon Lawyer Spreads Conspiracy Theory about Benedict XVI

German Canon Lawyer Spreads Conspiracy Theory about Benedict XVI

[From the BLEEPs’ perspective, they are all anti-popes, including both Michaels …]



The canon lawyer Thomas Schüller of Münster, Germany, has condemned the address of Benedict XVI at the funeral of Cardinal Meisner in Cologne according to the news agency Evangelischer Pressedienst (Evangelical – i.e., Lutheran – Press Service) [Kampagne gegen Franziskus (Campaign against Francis)? See comment below for translation of the important parts].

Schüller stated that Archbishop Georg Gänswein and others “have positioned Benedict XVI as an antipope against Francis”. He even spreads the conspiracy theory that the address is part of a “campaign” against Francis.

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3 comments on “German Canon Lawyer Spreads Conspiracy Theory about Benedict XVI

  1. Wiebke Rannenberg, “Kampagne gegen Franziskus?”, , July 17, 2017

    In the opinion of Catholic canon lawyer Thomas Schüller, former Pope Benedict XVI is being taken advantage of by critics of [Pope] Francis. His private secretary Georg Gänswein and others in his close surroundings “are using the former Pope to bring him into position as an Antipope to Francis”, the University of Münster professor told the Evangelischer Pressedienst (epd) [Lutheran Press Agency]. The clearly evident criticism [of Francis] contained in the message which Ganswein read on behalf of Joseph Ratzinger at the funeral of Cardinal Joachim Meisner in Cologne on Saturday, is “in bad taste and a matter of church politics”, Schuller said.

    “Frustrated and Disappointed People”

    It is “frustrated and disappointed people who are convinced that the current Pope is betraying the doctrine of the Church” who are behind this, the director of the Institute for Canon Law at the Catholic-Theological Faculty of the University of Munster said. He does not believe that the former Pope is himself the driving force but that he does play along. During Benedict’s pontificate between 2005 and 2013 it was already evident, Schuller maintained, that the Pope was rather hapless in his selection of advisors and often unaware of how people were using him in public.

    Campaign against Francis?

    At his resignation Benedict announced that in the future he would exclusively pray for the Church in silence, Schuller said. But what has been happening is the exact opposite: “One cannot position oneself any more publicly than the way he just did in the Cathedral of Cologne.” And even though the former Pope never issues any official comments, again and again his followers make use of excerpts from [his] letters or circulate quotations in order to use them against Pope Francis, Schuller maintained.

    For Schuller, this is part of a campaign against Francis. Thus Ganswein recently said [in a lecture given] at the Pontifical Gregorian University [in Rome] that there are currently two Popes: an active Pope and a contemplative, praying, retired Pope.

    “Dogmatically and canonically, this is nonsense. Pope Benedict resigned, and the official title of ‘Pope Emeritus’ that he invented for himself, does not exist”, Schuller emphasized. Pope Benedict XVI became the retired bishop of Rome or perhaps Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger [again]. For Ratzinger to continue to wear the white papal garments, is a break with Tradition, according to Schuller.

  2. Confusion reigns – a tactic used by Lucifer to sew dissent against the teachings of the Catholic Church founded by his foremost enemy, Jesus Christ, Son of God and 2nd Person of the Most Blessed Trinity. And, the sorry part of this confusion is that it is fomented by those having “canonical jurisdiction.” Incredible!

  3. Natasha Fatale: If only former Pope Benedict knew how bourgeoiski anti-modernist critics of Pope Francis are taking advantage of him to bring him into position as an Antipope to Bolshevik Pope Francis to roll back Revolution for reactionary nogoodniks….

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