Australian archbishop unsurprised by decline in religious affiliation

Australian archbishop unsurprised by decline in religious affiliation

[Another NewChurch bishop with his head in the sand]

Catholic World News – July 18, 2017

Archbishop Mark Coleridge of Brisbane has said that there is “nothing very surprising” about Australian census figures that show a sharp rise in the number of young people with no religious affiliation.

“It doesn’t necessarily mean that people, young or old, are less religious than they were; but it does mean that they’re religious in very different ways than in the past,” the archbishop told the Catholic Leader. He went on to say that the Catholic Church must adjust to new popular attitudes, “lest the communication gap between believers and non-believers grow even wider.”

The census figures showed that 30% of Australian identify themselves as having “no religion”—a figure that has doubled since the census of 2011. Australians with “no religion” now comprise the country’s largest bloc, easily outstripping Catholics, who account for 23%.

The Catholic proportion of the population, at 23%, is significantly down since the 2011 survey, when the figure stood at over 25%. That figure measures the Australians who identify themselves as Catholics; only a small minority attend Mass regularly.

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  1. Has anyone else noticed that the decline in religious affiliation has increased during the period of modernist heresy in the institutional Church after Vatican II?

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