Survey about Pope Francis and his policies

Survey about Pope Francis and his policies

From Gloria.TV News on the 17th of July 2017

Survey: The respected Italian webpage Scenari Economici published on July 12 a survey about Pope Francis. The first question was about Benedict’s resignation and Francis’ election. Over 93% of those surveyed believe these events were caused by pressure from groups external to the Church or opposed to her.

Unlimited Immigration: The second question was about Pope Francis’ call for unlimited immigration. Over 95% of those surveyed believe that this position puts the Church in danger, damages Catholic culture and leads to a decline of Italy.

Moral Doctrine: The third question regarded Pope Francis’ position toward Catholic morals. Over 84% of those surveyed believe that Francis’ stances are in contrast with the Church’s moral doctrine.

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3 comments on “Survey about Pope Francis and his policies

  1. Well, this poll is encouraging.
    It appears that the majority of Catholics (at least the respondents to this poll anyway) have their eyes open and know that this Pope’s ideology and theology are in stark contrast to the teachings of the Church.

    • I agree, Frank. Would that the traditional-minded laity had the power to remove him from office. But as you say re: the survey, it all depends on the mindset of the respondents.

  2. It would seem to suggest that the participants in the survey have more common sense than the modernist Pope.

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