“Catholics Will Have to Decide Whether They Guard the Faith Over Papolatry”

“Catholics Will Have to Decide Whether They Guard the Faith Over Papolatry”


“Francis is more interested in leftwing politics than in Catholic theology”, George Neumayr, contributing editor of The American Spectator, states talking to Tom Woods on July 14th on tomwoods.com:

Pope Francis is one of the most controversial popes in Church history, and has left a great many churchmen and faithful bewildered. His sympathy for leftist political causes, and his systematic removal of people unsympathetic to his progressive program, are clear enough. We get into some of the details in this episode.

Woods describes Francis as a result of John Paul II who – as he puts it – appointed “absolutely terrible people” as bishops: “Catholics have suffered under Bergoglios for decades now”.

Neumayr agrees that a lot of the liberal bishops were appointed by John Paul II and Benedict XVI. He sees Francis as the “culmination of a century” of liberalism and modernism in the Church.

For him it is “highly unlikely” that Francis, who in his theology is “more a Protestant than a Catholic” will convert to Catholicism. Instead, the realistic scenario is that Francis will produce division and chaos, “Catholics will have to decide whether they guard the faith over papolatry.”

And: “The Cardinals have to declare that Francis is a bad pope who must be resisted.”

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