Former Pope Benedict XVI: The Church is a Capsizing Boat

Former Pope Benedict XVI: The Church is a Capsizing Boat

During the funeral of the late Cardinal Joachim Meisner on July 15 in Cologne, Germany, an address of the former Pope Benedict XVI was read. Meisner was one of the four Dubia cardinals. The day before his death he spoke with Benedict on the phone.

Benedict remembers that it was not easy for Meisner to retire as an archbishop “especially in a time, when the Church needs in an especially urgent way shepherds who resist the dictatorship of the zeitgeist, and live and think very decidedly out of the Faith.”

According to Benedict, in the last period of his life Meisner was able to find a profound certainty “that the Lord does not leave his Church, even though the boat is sometimes filled with water, almost to the point of capsizing.”

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3 comments on “Former Pope Benedict XVI: The Church is a Capsizing Boat

  1. Küng Fu: Modernism the Legend Continues

    Master Po: What is troubling you, Grasshopper?

    Kwai Chang: I am confused, Master. Why is Pope Benedict hiding his joy and not celebrating the fresh air of the modern world rushing in through the windows of Vatican II?

    Master Po: Ah, Grasshopper, if boat take on too much water, is it not time to reach for life jackets?

    Kwai Chang: That is the Tao of water safety, yes. But why does Pope Benedict hide his joy? Does he not feel the Pentecostal energy of the Spirit of Vatican II being unleased by Pope Francis?

    Master Po: Strange are the ways of this energy. If too much air blows in through the modernist windows bringing in bees and flies, must we not reach for fly swatter?

    Kwai Chang: Yes, Master. But I am worried that humorless Jansenists from Opus Dei will wish us to hide our joy, while modernist charismaniacs will accuse me of hiding it too much…

    Natasha Fatale: Bolshevik Pope make many bishops hide their joy, no?

    Hans Küng: I would like to address that…

    Father Mulcahy, S.J.: Our Lord had to hide his joy on a few occasions…

    Father Fitzgibbon: You’d better listen up, laddy.
    Please continue….

    Father Mulcahy, S.J.: When he threw the money changers out of the Temple…

    Father Fitzgibbon: They didn’t have Enneagram seminars in those days.

  2. [Ratzinger 2004: He quotes Lenin, of all persons, to Poles, of all who suffered under Lenin]

    Cardinal Ratzinger says new springtime of the Church not about numbers

    Speaking with the Polish Catholic news agency KAI, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger said that the “new springtime” of the Church is a reality, but that it will not “necessarily” be significant in terms of numbers. [Capsizing boat? – Cyp]

    The Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith told KAI that there are groups of the new generations in the Church today which represent “a new springtime of the Church that renews the world.” The Cardinal explained that “we should not think that in the near future Christianity will become a movement of the masses again, going back to a situation like Medieval times.”

    “At least we cannot expect that in the current conditions,” he added.

    Nevertheless, recalling a phrase used by Lenin of Communist Russia, Ratzinger said that “the powerful minorities, which have something to say and something to bring to society, will determine the future.”
    Prophecy, from the captain of the Titanic?

  3. More like the Titanic where the Captain , the Good Lord, has left the Bridge, the standing orders, The Ten Commandments , are being ignored and the the XO , the Pope, the crew, Church hierarchy, are all in mutiny! The Holy Ghost has flown from the crow’s nest , and the ship , the Catholic Church , is sinking fast ! Can anyone save it ? Tune in next week or check your secret decoder ring, don’t have one, do not worry, nobody has one ,yet !

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