All is fair in love and war — and Opus Dei

All is fair in love and war — and Opus Dei


Posted by hereisjorgebergoglio on 7/10/17

This is Randy Engel’s follow-up piece to “All the Men Behind the Opus Dei Curtain”, concerning the E. Michael Jones — Michael Voris Affair. We must applaud Engel for the research she did in this article, especially exposing the concept of “pillería” which was espoused by the late José María Mariano Escriba Albás (aka Saint Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer). “Pillería” means ‘dirty tricks’, in other words — lying, cheating, stealing, murdering, etc… — breaking the Ten Commandments. Escrivá wrote in his book, Christ is Passing By, “Be imitators of God, … cooperating humbly but fervently in the divine purpose of mending what is broken, of saving what is lost, of bringing back to order what sinful man has put out of order, of leading to its goal what has gone astray, of re-establishing the divine balance of all creation.” Escrivá through Opus (Ju)Dei instructed his “apostolates” to use “pillería” in the banking, financial and business worlds at what he termed, “Christianized capitalism”. With this “Christianized capitalism” and “pillería” his “apostolates” will mend God’s creation or perform “Tikkun Olam”. How diabolical and evil to think that one can perfect what God has created much less to perfect it by doing evil. Sadly, the rank-and-file mind controlled members of the Opus (Ju)Dei cult continue to march blank-faced to the beating of the Kabbalistic drum, thinking it Catholicism. We at Call Me Jorge… hope and pray that Randy Engel will continue to bring to light the degeneracy of Opus (Ju)Dei particularly its role in covering-up the sex crimes of the Novus Ordo clergy including Cardinal Pell through its proxies in the media.

A Response to E. Michael Jones with Follow-Up Questions by Randy Engel (pdf)

Engel’s original article: “All the Men Behind the Opus Dei Curtain”

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2 comments on “All is fair in love and war — and Opus Dei

  1. A must-read. Randy tears apart the Opus Lodge.

  2. I wonder if Voris is financially independent now or found another sponsor? Sounds like OD is done with him, but their earlier sponsorship explains his hands-off approach to the pope.

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