More on the Sacking of Cardinal Müller: The Staged Demolition of the CDF

More on the Sacking of Cardinal Müller: The Staged Demolition of the CDF

by Christopher A. Ferrara
July 10, 2017

In addition to everything else that is going on in the midst of the epoch of the Bergoglian Tumult, we are witnessing the unfolding of a clearly planned process by which the ground around Pope Bergoglio is systematically being cleared of all serious opposition in the curial dicasteries to the “irreversible” reforms he intends to impose upon the Church in the short time he has left on this earth. The net result would be that the Vatican apparatus is effectively reduced to Pope Bergoglio and a tight circle of progressivist henchmen of his choosing, even if relative conservatives remain as powerless figureheads here and there.

The demolition of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) is a prime example of this modus operandi. As noted in my last column on this subject, the “normalists” would have us believe that the appointment of the CDF’s secretary Archbishop Luis Ladaria, a reputed conservative, as the replacement for the brutally sacked Cardinal Müller means that all is well for the defense of Catholic doctrine.

The renowned Vaticanist Sandro Magister, who knows well the ways of Rome under Modernist occupation, will have none of this obdurate naiveté. He warns us to look at Pope Bergoglio’s appointment to the position of the CDF’s undersecretary: one Monsignor Giacomo Morandi, “called there from outside,” who was “vicar general of the diocese of Modena”. And who advised Pope Bergoglio to bring Morandi aboard? None other than Cardinal Beniamino Stella, “a former nuncio to Cuba and Colombia and now the prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy, perhaps the closest to Bergoglio among all the cardinals of the curia.”

As Magister notes: “It was on Morandi’s advice that the pope summarily fired, a few months ago, three high-ranking officials of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith greatly esteemed by Müller” — a purge for which Pope Bergoglio refused to give Müller any reason other than his naked will as Pope, airily dismissing him from the audience he had granted. It is transparently obvious that the three were summarily removed on suspicion of orthodoxy.
Moreover, in another column on the demolition of the CDF (citing a report by Marco Tosatti), Magister notes that one of the three victims of the purge, the Dutch priest Christophe J. Kruijen, had been personally reprimanded on the telephone by Pope Bergoglio “for having [privately] expressed criticisms against him, which had come to the pope’s ear through an informant,” even though there is not a trace of criticism in any of Kruijen’s writings or public statements.

So, writes Magister, “all it took was a tattle lifted from one of his private conversations to bring [Kruijen] into disgrace with the pope, who brought the whip down. This too is part of the reform of the curia, by the orders and in the style of Jorge Mario Bergoglio.”

As things now stand, the situation at the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, headed by Cardinal Sarah, has been replicated at the CDF: a conservative Prefect is surrounded by Bergoglian collaborators and reduced to a head without arms to execute any decision — that is, any defense of orthodoxy — that Pope Bergoglio might not like.

Thus, in the Bergoglian curia there are now no effective defenders of doctrinal or liturgical integrity in the Church universal but only the adepts of Bergoglianism. The Bergoglian debacle is reaching its climax. Only God knows what the denouement will bring to the stage of history.

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