[Pro-]sodomite Vatican consultant: Lady Gaga’s LGBT ‘Born This Way’ was ‘inspired by the Bible

[Pro-]sodomite Vatican consultant: Lady Gaga’s LGBT ‘Born This Way’ was ‘inspired by the Bible

[The bracketing of “Pro-” means that it is optional; that is: Is Fr. Martin pro-sodomite, or is he a sodomite?]

Claire Chretien

July 6, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – Jesuit Father James Martin, who Pope Francis recently made a consultant to the Vatican, said on Good Morning America that he likes the “born this way” message of Lady Gaga.

The song “Born This Way” is widely used as an anthem for the LGBT lobby. It features lyrics like “No matter gay, straight, or bi / Lesbian, transgendered life / I’m on the right track baby / I was born to survive” and “a different lover is not a sin.”

“I was born this way” is repeated about 30 times throughout the song.

“In your book Building a Bridge, you start with this psalm: ‘You knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made,'” ABC’s Dan Harris said to Martin. “Some of my colleagues here at GMA noticed there’s some similarity here to Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way.'”

“I think she got it from the psalm, probably not the other way around…A little theology there,” Martin laughed.

“But you like the message she’s spreading?” asked Harris.

“Oh, I do!” replied Martin. “I mean, you know, the sort of shorthand I saw on a bumper sticker once is God doesn’t make crap, basically…We are fearfully and wonderfully made. We’re all beloved children of God and I think that’s one of the prime messages I’m trying to get across in this book to LGBT people.”

Lady Gaga dances in her underwear throughout the “Born This Way” music video. At one point she pretends she is a male masturbating. Her Born This Way Foundation advocates for the LGBT cause.

Martin said “Pope Francis” and the fact that “more and more Catholics” are coming out as homosexual are “signs of change” within the Church. He told Harris that he thinks being nice to the Catholic Church is “a very bitter pill” for the gay community to swallow.

“I’m very clear in the book the onus is on the church because it’s the institutional church that has marginalized the LGBT community, not the other way around,” he said.

Harris noted “some conservative Catholics were not happy with” Martin’s new book.

“What kind of pushback did you get from those corners?” he asked.

“Well, unfortunately, a lot of people are against the whole topic of welcoming LGBT Catholics – they think it’s…caving in, which I think is ridiculous,” said Martin. “All I’m calling for in the book is respect, sensitivity, and compassion, which is part of the catechism.”

Martin only partially cites the Catechism and even advocates changing some of the language it uses.

“Basing itself on Sacred Scripture, which presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity, tradition has always declared that ‘homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered,” the Catechism says (CCC 2357). “They are contrary to the natural law. They close the sexual act to the gift of life. They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity. Under no circumstances can they be approved.”

The “inclination, which is objectively disordered, constitutes for most of them a trial,” the Catechism says of same-sex desire (CCC 2358). It doesn’t label people – only attractions and actions – disordered.

People with same-sex attraction “are called to fulfill God’s will in their lives and, if they are Christians, to unite to the sacrifice of the Lord’s Cross the difficulties they may encounter from their condition,” the Catechism continues. “Homosexual persons are called to chastity. By the virtues of self-mastery that teach them inner freedom, at times by the support of disinterested friendship, by prayer and sacramental grace, they can and should gradually and resolutely approach Christian perfection” (CCC 2358 – 2359).

Martin has said he doesn’t think one of the “deepest parts of a person,” the part that “gives and receives love,” should be labeled “disordered.”

Catholic apologist Michael Voris, who himself was active in the gay lifestyle before coming back to the Church, responded to Martin by saying that not all sexual acts are acts of love, and not all acts of love are necessarily sexual.

Voris said:

Fr. Martin wants to make homosexuality out to be just a different thing with its own order, that we must respect and have compassion for. When he keeps talking about compassion and care and respect, he deliberately blurs the line between the person with same-sex attraction and the sexual acts. He blurs a further distinction between sexual acts and giving and receiving love.

One need not have to engage in sexual acts to love another, and likewise, just because a person does engage in sexual acts, does not mean they love. But see, to bring forth these critical distinctions would completely destroy Martin’s position; and he knows it. That’s why he lets them just hang there in the ether.

He diabolically twists “objectively disordered” into “differently ordered” and leaves unchallenged the assumption that one must engage in sexual acts if the person loves. This kind of evil on the part of a priest can only merit Hell, if unrepented…if he died unrepentant of this gross calumny against the Faith, how could he possibly hope for salvation?

None of this said to be mean and all those stupid charges. It’s said out of a terrible concern for his soul. No Catholic could ever want or hope for another person to be damned, much less a priest. Especially a priest. St. Teresa of Avila said that when she was shown Hell, she could distinguish which souls were those of priests because of the intense agony they felt in their hands — the horrible burning where the holy oils had been administered to them on the day of their ordination.

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One comment on “[Pro-]sodomite Vatican consultant: Lady Gaga’s LGBT ‘Born This Way’ was ‘inspired by the Bible

  1. ADDENDUM: ‘Sodomy is the glue’ that binds the LGBT movement

    Doug Mainwaring

    July 6, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — The relentless, mind-numbing, decades-long media drumbeat proclaiming the grim loneliness of universal LGBT victimhood stands in stark contrast to the garish displays of “pride celebrations” everywhere.

    The impossible dissonance of the side-by-side existence of the two is never called into question, despite the fact that both cannot possibly present a true picture at the same time. But lies certainly can coexist comfortably, especially when masterfully woven by the archenemy of humanity, the father of lies.

    One doesn’t need to be a Christian to realize that the LGBT movement trivializes the lives of the men, women and adolescents swept up in its fervor. One needs only to be a reasoning adult with eyes, ears, and a functioning conscience.

    And one also needs to be courageous enough to call a lie “a lie” in an age where truth-telling has become exceedingly unpopular, and in more and more jurisdictions, a criminal offense.

    The LGBT movement isn’t actually about rights. No matter what the activists say, it’s about draining authentic human experience from as many lives as possible. It’s about dragging souls away from authentic love and authentic sexuality, authentic mental and emotional health, while simultaneously trading these for a diminished, synthetic, trivialized experience of life.

    Sodomy is the glue

    Think about it: Why does the LGBT world exist? Around what idea have millions coalesced? An old friend nailed it a couple years ago when he pointed out, “Sodomy is the glue.”

    Sodomy is the glue that holds the entire LGBT movement together. Put another way: The protection, propagation and normalization of sodomy is the animating reason behind every LGBT group around the world.

    If you take sodomy out of the picture — along with every other non-conjugal “sexual” act that men perform on men and women perform on women — why would “pride” celebrations exist? Without sodomy, what flock would be pastored by the Metropolitan Community churches? New Ways Ministry? Dignity?

    Without sodomy, would there be an audience for Fr. James Martin, S.J.’s books?

    What purpose and what constituency would the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) serve? Why would GLAAD, PFLAG, and every other organization from “gay softball” and “gay bowling” leagues to “gay flying” and “gay bridge” clubs continue? To what would “FBI Pride” and “Log Cabin Republicans” solicit members?

    Without sodomy, what would draw tenors, baritones and basses to sing in “gay men’s choruses?” (Full disclosure: I sang with Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington D.C. during the 2003 season).

    For these groups and many others, the only interest binding their members together is sodomy. The only reason for their existence is sodomy. Sans sodomy, their bond dissolves.

    In our politically correct western world, the term “sodomy” has become verboten, as if it were a pejorative. It is not. It is a forbidden word because it is too truthful, too meaningful, describing too precisely the sole act upon which the entire LGBT movement rests.

    Sodomy vs. philia

    Sodomy is not only the glue — the mortar — that holds together the entire LGBT house, it is the foundation upon which the edifice rests.

    In essence, sodomy is everything to the LGBT movement. Everything. It defines the movement. Not love, not romance, not commitment, not responsibility. Certainly not procreation. Sodomy and none of these other things is the progenitor, the father, of the movement.

    With sodomy gone, there is nothing left of the LGBT movement. But what would be left for the world would seem like a miracle: Philia — the only authentic form of intimate love between men.

    Think about it: The LGBT movement has managed to not only distract humanity from philia, it has tainted it, poisoned it for many, because expressions and experience of philia are too easily, too quickly interpreted as ‘gay’ experiences.

    Sons of Esau: LGBT movement impoverishes the lives of millions

    As a young, same-sex-attracted man, personal experience taught me about the value of philia over mono-gendered-oriented eros.

    During college and throughout my 20s, I had many close friends who were handsome, athletic, and intelligent, with terrific personalities. I longed to have an intimate relationship with any and all of them. However, I enjoyed something far greater, something that surpassed carnality in every way: Philia (the love between true friends) — a love unappreciated by so many because eros is promoted in its stead.

    I wouldn’t have traded the quality of my relationships with any of these guys for an opportunity to engage in sex. No regrets. In fact, I always felt like the luckiest man on the planet. Denial didn’t diminish or impoverish my life. It made my life experience richer.

    Philia love between men is far better, far stronger, and far more fulfilling than erotic love can ever be. But society now promotes the lowest form of love between men while sabotaging the higher forms. Gay culture continues to promote the sexualization of all (viewing one’s self and other males primarily as sexual beings), while proving itself nearly bankrupt when it comes to fostering any other aspect of male/male relationships.

    Men who enter the gay world adjust their entire worldview and their role within it in order to accommodate what quickly becomes the dominant aspect of their lives: their homosexuality. In so doing, they trade rich lives for one-dimensional lives. Yet this is what our politically correct, postmodern world teaches all who are same-sex attracted to do. This is what the prince of this world baits us into doing.

    We think we are “special” because of our attraction and so when things don’t go our way, surely “it’s somebody else’s fault,” and “I’m a victim of their mistreatment or morality.” It’s a lie. We aren’t “special.” We’re not even all that special as sinful beings. We are dime-a-dozen, run-of-the-mill sinners, nothing more.

    I went along with it for a long while but slowly turned back when I witnessed my life shrinking and not flourishing. I was horrified by the life-crushing, one-dimensional existence I was entering.

    Like Esau who traded his inheritance for a bowl of soup, many millions are trading the riches of human life in all its wonderful facets for the peculiar predilection of sodomy and its strange array of relatives and relations.

    In arrogant, flamboyant manner, the “pride” events showcase the oozing of humanity — authentic humanity — from society while at the same time and perhaps more tragically they display the bleeding of a true, innate sense of personhood from soul after soul after soul.

    The LGBT movement exalts in cartoonish, not real, humanity, where men and women are divorced from real, actual sexuality. Sadly, the ‘cartooning of self’ is a legitimate expression of self, a signal that “I am no longer tethered to true human experience.”

    The normalization of ‘gay’ and ‘transgender’: The successful de-Christianizing of the western world

    The embrace of homo- and trans-normativity are more than what they seem. Along with abortion, divorce and rampant contraception, they are evidence of the nearly complete secularization of the western world.

    More than that, they are evidence of the ascendancy of the anti-Christ spirit overtaking the planet. We witness the prince of this world flexing his muscle, sneering, flouting his hubris, displaying his contempt for both Christ and His Bride, revealing himself to be the “ancient serpent, who is called the Devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world.” (Revelation 12:9).

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