Pontifical Academy for Scandals – One More Scandal

Pontifical Academy for Scandals – One More Scandal


The Nuova Bussola Quotidiana writes, that Katarina Le Blanc from the Swedish Karolinska Institutet, who was named on June 13th as a member of the Pontifical Academy for Life, works with human stem cells derived from aborted children.

In 2013 she published with other authors an article in PLOS ONE on stem cell research based on cells harvested from killed human embryos. The Pontifical Academy for Life declared in 2000, that such research is immoral.

In July 2016 Le Blanc published in Scientific Reports with others a study based on cells taken from the lungs of aborted children, purchased from the abortion-network Planned Parenthood at the price of 45 Dollars a baby.

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  1. Vatican’s Academy for Life Appoints Eugenicist

    by Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th. • ChurchMilitant • July 10, 2017

    New appointee experiments on human embryos for a pro-abortion institute

    VATICAN CITY – The Pontifical Academy for Life (PAL) has added to its scandal by appointing a eugenicist involved in stem-cell research to its corp of 45 ordinary members, along with a pro-abortion philosopher, another pro-abortion eugenicist and a pro-contraception priest, who also supports euthanasia by starvation.

    Professor Katarina Le Blanc, professor of stem cell research at the pro-abortion Swedish Karolinska Institute was appointed last month to PAL under Abp. Paglia. Le Blanc carries out her research, using stem cells derived from aborted babies even though the same academy, under the watch of Pope St. John Paul II, condemned such work in 2000.

    In condemning the practice of experimenting on embryonic stem cells, PAL remarked, “[It] is not hard to see the seriousness and gravity of the ethical problem posed by … the production and/or use of human embryos.”

    The academy added that obtaining embryos from a third party didn’t make the research moral as it “entails a proximate material cooperation in the production and manipulation of human embryos.” The whole process involves the creation and ultimate destruction of multiple human embryos in the laboratory, something the Catholic Church finds abhorrent.

    There is evidence Le Blanc’s has been involved in stem cell research for years. In 2013, she co-authored an article on stem cell research that included cells harvested from living human embryos. In 2016, Le Blanc co-authored a study, involving research on cells obtained from the lungs of aborted children.

    Le Blanc isn’t the only one at PAL who believes experimenting on human embryos is ethical, which is contrary to Church teaching. Shinya Yamanaka, a recent appointee, is open to such research. Avraham Steinberg supports stem-cell research, involving the destruction of human embryos.

    There are other appointees to PAL with serious moral issues such as Fr. Maurizio Chiodi, who’s supposedly a leading Italian moral theologian. He not only rejects the Church’s ban on the use of artificial birth control but also believes it isn’t obligatory to provide food and water to patients. Contrary to Fr. Chiodi’s position, PAL stated in 2000 that food and water must always be provided to patients.

    Nigel Biggar, one of 45 new ordinary members chosen to serve a five-year term on the Vatican’s pro-life academy, believes it’s morally acceptable to abort a person before 18 weeks of gestation. During an interview in 2011, Nigel, an Anglican minister and Regius Professor of Moral and Pastoral Theology at the U.K.’s University of Oxford, stated, “I would be inclined to draw the line for abortion at 18 weeks after conception, which is roughly about the earliest time when there is some evidence of brain activity and therefore of consciousness.”

    In spite of the fact that many of these appointments to the supposedly pro-life institute are manifestly not pro-life, the head of the institute, Abp. Paglia, defends the appointments.

  2. There should be no doubts that the current heretical progressive modernist regime behind this pontificate and the modernist Vatican bureaucracy is morally evil. Which neo-Catholics would try to defend this?

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