Bishop Launches Crusade For Communion in the HAND!

Bishop Launches Crusade For Communion in the HAND!

Bishop Gabriel Bernardo Barba (53) of Gregorio de Laferrere, Argentina, used his Corpus Christi homily on June 17th, to advertise Communion in the hand, a controversial innovation that does not exist in his diocese. Barba categorically dismissed the fact, that Communion in the hand leads to profanation because of flying-around particles. Instead, he sees the profanation of the body of Christ in prostitution or poverty insinuating that the faithful do not care about those, because those “do not smell of incense.”

Barba denigrates the normal reception of communion, “Communion in the hand seems to me a much more significant and mature gesture than to receive it in the mouth.” For him, allowing communion in the hand is “a visible sign of healthy independence”. Francisco La Cigüeña de la Torre calls this on his blog an “idiotic argument.”

In those countries where Communion in the hand was introduced, profanations have significantly increased and veneration for the Eucharist significantly declined.

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