African Cardinal Urges Europe to “Close the Tap” of Immigration

African Cardinal Urges Europe to “Close the Tap” of Immigration

[“Too much of a good thing”?]

Ghana born Curia Cardinal Peter Turkson said it is high time to “close the tap” of African immigration into Europe, which has reached new records in recent days, and instead to focus on migrants’ countries of origin. He noted that the vast majority of African countries are not war zones from which the populations must necessarily flee, “In my opinion, we can change things in order to keep young people where they are.”

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One comment on “African Cardinal Urges Europe to “Close the Tap” of Immigration

  1. [Is His Eminence “following the elections returns” or rather, cries from Italian officials?]

    Italy “begs for help,” threatens to close ports over African migrant invasion


    Jihad Watch ran a story a few days ago reporting that Italy’s migrant welcome centers were in a state of “collapse” as huge waves of African migrants flooded in from Libya. The crisis of this invasion has steadily worsened, and now Italy is crumbling under the hijrah and openly declaring that it has lost control:

    Italy says that it is unable to cope with this year’s expected flood of refugees, and is demanding help from the European Union, or else it will close all its ports to ships carrying migrants

    That country should indeed close all its ports and take lessons from Hungary’s leader Victor Orban and Poland’s Prime Minister Beata Szydlo, who have rejected EU migrant quotas in order to protect their citizens from Muslim migrant crime and jihad attacks, and the attendant economic suicide.

    Regrettably, however, a member of the European Council on Foreign Relations, Mattia Toaldo, called preventing boats from docking “a panic measure” and said it was possibly illegal. Yet in the midst of the Italian emergency migrant crisis, perhaps the EU is just beginning to wake up from its slumber. The president of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, said:

    A cry of alarm has come from Italy, an SOS…we can’t leave it on its own. After the closure of the Balkan route, it is indispensable to also close the central Mediterranean one. We can’t have any more delays in solving the problem.

    Reference: “Italy Begs for Help After 12,000 Migrants Arrive in Four Days”, by John Xenakis, Breitbart, June 30, 2017

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