English bishops, Vatican issue cautious statements on English baby refused medical treatment

English bishops, Vatican issue cautious statements on English baby refused medical treatment

[Typical hand-wringing by the English bishops; the new not-so pro-life pontifical academy in action – or rather lack of it]

Catholic World News – June 29, 2017

The Catholic bishops of England and Wales and the Pontifical Academy for Life have both issued non-commital statements on the controversy surrounding the condition of Charlie Gard, a 10-month-old child whose life-support system will be withdrawn on June 30, over the objections of his parents.

Charlie Gard suffers from a very rare genetic condition, and is now living in Great Ormond Street Hospital with the help of a ventilator. When doctors there determined that they could not save his life, the hospital made a decision to remove the ventilator. His parents objected, and raised enough funds to transport the child to the US for experimental treatment. But they right to find treatment for their child was rejected in a series of court decisions. This week the European Court of Human Rights, the parents’ last hope for relief, ruled that the experimental treatment offered “no prospects of success” and the baby was “being exposed to continued pain, suffering, and distress.” The court affirmed the hospital’s right to remove life support.

“Our parental rights have been stripped away,” protested Chris Gard, the child’s father. The parents reported that Great Ormond Street Hospital had refused their request to have Charlie brought home for his last night, or to allow him to die peacefully in a hospice.

A spokesman for the bishops’ conference of England and Wales acknowledged that the decision to end Charlie Gard’s life was “heartrending, most particularly for his parents and family,” but did not question the court’s decision. Similarly, Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, speaking in his capacity as president of the Pontifical Academy for Life, avoided a judgment on the court’s decision, and warned against “the risk of ideological or political manipulation, which is always to be avoided, or of media sensationalism, which can be sadly superficial.” Both statements promised prayers for Charlie Gard and his parents.

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4 comments on “English bishops, Vatican issue cautious statements on English baby refused medical treatment

  1. Since the 1400s, long before Luther, the talmudic revolutionaries (whose dupes have been the prots, in particular) have incessantly led a violent war against Christ.
    This horrific news is but a later emanation of their utterly depraved, murderous intentions first manifested in 33 AD.

  2. As far as any “Vatican reticence” is concerned, let it be made VERY clear that the entire madness that is the progressive agenda at work there is entirely talmudic.

  3. Most important, may the prayer of Our Lady for this poor child and his parents be mercifully answered.

  4. The doctors have decided to delay just a bit longer for the family to say goodbye before turning off his life support.
    Pray hard for him.
    He was shown earlier this year holding a St. Jude medal in his hand with a guardian angel card underneath his hand.
    Praying for Charlie Gard and his family.

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