Jesuit Encourages Friends To Celebrate Sin

Jesuit Encourages Friends To Celebrate Sin

[The alleged Russian mystic Rasputin, who counseled the Tsarina just before the Revolution, said something similar: “Sin and sin greatly,” but then added: “Then you can truly repent,” of which Fr. Martin has no concept or sees no need]

Last weekend Jesuit Father James Martin, an American homosexual(ist) and councillor for the Vatican’s Secretariat for Communications, wished his “LGBT friends” on Twitter, “Have a fun at Pride 2017”.

He added, “Have pride (and feel joy) because you’re beloved children of God, made in God’s image.”

Twitter User Collin Pye responded, “Up for another round of sexual abuse scandal because of gay ephebophile priests, because this is how it ended last time.” The Catechism of the Catholic Church (Nr 2357) warns, that homosexual acts can “under no circumstances be approved’.

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