“Catholic” School Introduces Gender Neutral Uniforms

“Catholic” School Introduces Gender Neutral Uniforms

[Not unisex but leaving the choice of “skirts, pinafores, shorts or trousers” to each student regardless of gender; hat-tip to Canon212: “UK FrancisDiocese letting schoolboys wear skirts” and not just the laddies from the Scottish Highlands]


Edit: this is from the blog “Listening in the Desert”, where the allegedly Catholic Diocesan school in the United Kingdom has introduced a gender-neutral uniform.

St Anthony’s Catholic primary school in Southwark Diocese UK announced yesterday that it will be introducing a “Gender Neutral” school uniform from September 2017.

In its weekly newsletter via the school’s website, Head teacher Mrs. Jane Day says:
“I am pleased to announce that the Governors have approved the introduction of a gender neutral uniform which will be introduced in September. Rather than having a separate uniform for girls and boys, one uniform list will be produced and girls and boys can choose whether they wear skirts, pinafores, shorts or trousers. There is no change to the uniform which will remain grey, green, yellow and white.”

Her announcement has left parents stunned and upset as it goes completely against the teachings of the Catholic Church, and they say they were not consulted or informed whatsoever of the changes to the uniform.

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One comment on ““Catholic” School Introduces Gender Neutral Uniforms

  1. Pull your kids out.

    J’accuse! I accuse the conciliar popes, bishops, and priests of rendering the churches and schools we once loved into uninhabitable icons of the existential man in the modern world, replete with heresy, filth, ugliness, and banality. Their nods to pastoral solicitude and mercy are empty words when it comes to parents who are trying to raise their children in the traditional faith. The enormity of their negligence and worse precedes them. To quote St. John the Baptist: “Who was it that taught you, brood of vipers, to flee from the vengeance that draws near?”

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