Please pray for Tantumblogo’s son

Please pray for my son

June 22, 2017
Posted by Tantumblogo

My son has another MRI tomorrow. This year of Our Lord two-thousand and seventeen has really been our annus horribilis, not just with my son’s brain tumor diagnosis but a dozen other things as well. We’re facing myriad challenges on many fronts. We’re having a major problem with almost every child. One is mired in persistent scruples. Another is sinking into depression. Others have suddenly decided to flake out academically. And my son, even if his tumor is not growing, which I pray it is not, is having some severe behavioral problems, we think related to the anti-seizure medication, which we’ve changed, but we aren’t really sure. And academically he’s really struggling, at least with reading. Of course he has dyslexia which may be being caused by his tumor. And all these are only some of the more major items.

My wife is about at her wits end. She about came apart this morning and needs as much prayer support as my son does.

I know I don’t post much lately and maybe I’ve been testy because I am just about overwhelmed myself but I know the power of prayer and would greatly appreciate your support. We have always been incredibly blessed by Our Lord and Savior but with great blessings frequently comes heavy crosses. This is our time to bear particular crosses. Our Lord is desiring us to grow in our faith and in our reliance on Him, but it’s not an easy trial to experience. I – we – cannot do it alone. So I appreciate your support more than words can say and pray for all of your daily, particularly if I am aware of a special need and generally for all the rest.

God bless you and thank you and I appreciate your patience while I am in a time in my life where sharing the Faith with others through words has to take a back seat to more pressing matters. May God have mercy on us all in these trying times.

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9 comments on “Please pray for Tantumblogo’s son

  1. My Rosary tonight is for you.
    I’m also offering my Novena in Honor of the Most Precious Blood for your entire family.

    I know it may be a tough time to start it if you’re not already in the habit, but a daily Family Rosary may be the solution everyone in your family needs right now. As Father Peyton would say, “The family who prays together, stays together.”

  2. Brother, I feel for you, I am also having my issues in my family, but nothing close to what you are going through.
    I just did my most heartfelt prayer to the Blessed Virgin, from the pains I am going through, to please help you fix your problems.
    God Bless You, may this trial just be a dip in life before a comeback.

  3. St. Joseph please help this family.

  4. St Joseph, please help this family. Praised and Blessed be Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

    St Joseph Chaplet for the family this afternoon.

  5. On this feastday honoring the Sacred Heart of Jesus may we all invoke the Sacred Heart to have Mercy. Sacred Heart of Jesus, have Mercy on us and this poor family.

  6. Sacred heart of Jesus, Heavenly Mother and Saint Joseph, please help this family.
    My rosary today is for your family and also the novena to the Precious Blood of Jesus.

  7. Great News on My [i.e., Tantumblogo’s] Son

    July 13, 2017
    Posted by Tantumblogo in Admin.

    Thank you all so much for your continuing prayers. The results of his latest MRI were very positive, the tumor/abnormality is stable and the neurosurgeon does not need to see my son for another year! And we got this news on my boy’s 8th birthday. We are of course extremely pleased. We continue to pray he may be entirely healed of this malady without any further medical intervention.

    He continues to battle stubborn dyslexia that may be directly caused by this tumor. We’ve just engaged in a major program to assist with this. I pray he is able to read with less difficulty.

    We have also seen some positive developments in other areas, so your prayers really do help. Please continue them, this is a long road and while the news regarding my son has been all good since the initial onset of near-fatal seizures, we will, in the best case, probably be dealing with this for years. But I cannot thank all of those who have prayed for Benedict enough. I know it is the prayers, and God’s Grace, which is making all the difference right now. I shall always remember you in my prayers.

    I also feel Father’s blessing of Benedict also played a role. I have so very much to be thankful for. My words to do not adequately express what I feel. The outpouring of support for us has been amazing. My wife and I are so very grateful for all the aid, spiritual and material, we have received.

    God bless all of you.

      • Deo gratias!
        Also, I have heard from dyslexics that their condition is similar to being blind in that other areas become more pronounced, so things such as light, sound, and color compensate for the difficulty in reading. Perhaps Benedict can use those areas to help him be more confident or less self conscious or the like. Just a thought.

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