Moscow patriarch links Islamist terrorism, Western secularism

Moscow patriarch links Islamist terrorism, Western secularism

[Viz., the former (Islamist terrorism) against the latter (Western secularism) because of the latter]

Catholic World News – June 21, 2017

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow received a delegation from the Coptic Orthodox Church on June 18 and lamented attacks on Christians in Egypt.

“Our brothers and sisters, members of your Church, are perishing,” said the head of the Russian Orthodox Church. “Churches in Tanta and Alexandria were bombed; the most dreadful terrorist attack in Minya left hundreds killed; many of the victims were children.”

Patriarch Kirill then linked Islamist terrorism and Western secularism:

Perpetrators of terrorist attacks appeal to religious feelings of Muslims who are dissatisfied with the secular godless standard being thrust upon them, but they link the spreading of godlessness and secularism with Christians and accuse them, saying that modern godless civilization has come out from Christian civilization. That is why the image of Christianity is distorted.

The participation of the West in military actions on the territory of Muslim states is taken as a crusade. We need direct contacts with Muslim clergy and Muslim thinkers in order to dispel these prejudices and wrong opinions so that they understand that Christianity was the first victim of secularism.

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2 comments on “Moscow patriarch links Islamist terrorism, Western secularism

  1. To which Yussif (Joseph) Absi, the new Melkite Patriarch (elected earlier this June 21st at the annual synod of Melkite bishops in Lebanon) added another factor to the “equation” in his address “The De-Christianization of Europe has not Taken Away its Christian Identity” at the 2012 Roman Synod of Bishops on the “New Evangelization” – namely, Muzzies equating Western secularism with Christians everywhere including the Middle East:

    The Church is living in a pluralist context on the level of the entire world. Because of this a contact open to all possibilities arises. One of the results of this contact is the openness of some Muslims to Christianity, undoubtedly helped by today’s means of communication. Some of them have even reached the point of discovering in Christ the loving face of God the Father.

    Dealing with the new evangelization of the Western world in general, one must not lose sight that in the eyes of the Muslims, the de-Christianization of Europe has not taken away from this old Christian continent its Christian identity. The Muslims do not see the difference between Christians and Westerners, because they do not distinguish, themselves, between what is religious and what is political and social.

    What precedes the Westerners is perceived by the Muslims as preceding the Christians. Now, Western behavior, especially on the cultural and political level and in a general way, harms the religious and national sensitivity of the Muslims, their values, their ethics and their culture. Consequentially, this forms an obstacle to their openness to Christianity and to their possible evangelization.

    The majority of Muslims are convinced that the relaxing of mores, the exploitation of weak and poor peoples, the disdain of the Muslim religion that they feel from Westerners, comes from Christians.

    * * *

  2. Whether the Patriarch relies on the “I’m not okay, but you guys (the enemy) are TERRIFIC” thesis, or not, is difficult for me to discern. There has been so much of it for so long that I suspect the pop-spy possibility, nowadays, in most public statements from most clerics.
    Nevertheless, that there are so few CATHOLICS giving good example today, even among self-described “traditionalists” (sic!) *** -and including yours truly! – is inarguable.
    I think where the thesis explained in the report falls apart is the historical record. VERY few ragheads were ever motivated to abandon their blasphemous carnal “religion” by even the greatest examples in Church history. Not in 14 centuries.


    *** Cf., my numerous earlier remarks concerning why to even be IN the Church requires a strict veneration of, and obedience to, Sacred Tradition. We are Catholic, period. (Cf., Abp Lefebvre, Canon Hesse, etc.)

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