Francis’ Friend Hammers “Ultraconservative Fundamentalists”

Francis’ Friend Hammers “Ultraconservative Fundamentalists”

[He couldn’t be more wrong on everything he says in the interview]

On June 6th, published an interesting interview with the Protestant editor of the Argentinean L’Osservatore Romano, Marcelo Figueroa, a close friend of Pope Francis.

Figueroa insists, that Pope Francis “simply doesn’t fit any ideology”. But then Figueroa violently hammers one-sidedly against “the fundamentalists of any kind of religion, those who believe they are the owners of religiosity and who try to impose their agenda” – as if Pope Francis would not impose his own agenda.

Also: “If the ultraconservative fundamentalists, or those on the opposite side of the street, want to label him one way or the other, that is their problem.”

Figueroa even claims, that “the media, as corporations, are against [Francis].”

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