St. John Bosco’s Stolen Brain Recovered. Monumentally Icky Crime Solved.

To be blunt, while I “get” the venerable tradition, stretching back to persecutions under Nero, Diocletian, etc., of preserving first class relics (usually bones) of martyrs (among which company the honorable Don Bosco was NOT-objectively), this latest exercise in extra-super-duperly-“pious” (?) Mediterranean-style sensationalism – in the light of a stupid criminal act solved quickly by competent Italian police work – did induce a certain gag reflex…

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3 comments on “St. John Bosco’s Stolen Brain Recovered. Monumentally Icky Crime Solved.

  1. Don Bosco was no doubt a most estimable Saint of the Catholic Church.
    I just get grouchy when anything sensational pops up and, in the end, leads some Catholics off into the hyper-hinterlands of “dreams and visions”, fabulous tales and overwrought populism.
    I came to this via the excitations surrounding the legends of Padre Pio (not all of which could possibly be true since he would have had to have lived 10,000 years to have said and done everything written of him) .
    For pity’s sake, is it not enough that a soul managed to achieve sanctity and heroic virtue in this miserable valley of tears?
    Excessive “pietism” = an opportunity for non-believers to disdain the pearl of great price each and every Saint paid out every second of his life to obtain.

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