Socci on the “luogocommunista” Ideology

Socci on the “luogocommunista” Ideology

by Christopher A. Ferrara
June 13, 2017

The always insightful Antonio Socci has a piece on what Italian journalists call “luogocommunismo,” [loosely translated: “commonplace-ism”], which is an ideological “tendency to use pat phrases and arguments that are banal and taken for granted.” It is essentially a descriptor for “political correctness.”

Socci enumerates some of the laughable absurdities of the luogocommunist ideology as it operates today:

the mandatory state of panic over CO2 emissions, which are treated as if they were deadly poison when in fact CO2 is essential to the existence of all life on the planet;

the mania for vaccinations, requiring schoolchildren to submit to a dozen of them before they can even enter a school building, while hundreds of thousands of “immigrants” from Asia, Africa and other disease-ridden regions are exempted from the vaccination regime, thus defeating its ostensible purpose;

“Palm oil and butter are demonized; the eating of veal and smoking are horrors; but to abort a baby is a right”;

“Democracy is the will of the people, but only when they decide according to the orders of the elite”;

“Deporting illegal aliens is a normal practice of which no one takes any notice when Obama does it. But it is inhuman when Trump does it”;

“The Vatican is the ruin of Italy, a theocratic and anachronistic institution if the Popes are named John Paul II and Benedict XVI. But it is the only progressive world leadership to be admired and followed if the name is Bergoglio”;

“The European emergency is not unemployment, nor terrorism, nor moribund economic growth, nor…the invasion of migrants, nor the demographic decline, nor the emptiness of democracy, nor the loss of identity. The European emergency — so it would seem — is fake news and Russian hackers”;

“To safeguard democracy we must gag the Internet. They will muzzle us, but they do it for our own good. We should be grateful. No?”

Luogocommunism is thriving mightily in the void left by the surrender of the post-Vatican II Church to the spirit of the age. Indeed, the platitudes of political correctness are the polemical basics of what Socci calls Bergoglianism.

It is as if the Church, her windows having been thrown open to the “fresh air” that is really the poisonous atmosphere of the modern state system and the post-Christian societies it has engendered, has achieved an almost perfect equilibrium with the “outside” world of which she is supposed to be the transforming leaven. In a de facto reversal of her divine commission, the Church has been converted by the world, humanly speaking. And so the salt has lost its savor and will be trampled underfoot.

But it is precisely at this moment, as Our Lady of Good Success promised 400 years ago, that we can have confidence in the divine resolution of a crisis that seems impossible to overcome: “To test this faith and confidence of the just, there will be occasions in which everything will seem to be lost and paralyzed. This will be, then, the happy beginning of the complete restoration.”

Lord, may we see it soon, in fulfillment of the more immediate promises of Our Lady of Fatima.

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