Austrian Bishop Plays Model on Catwalk

Austrian Bishop Plays Model on Catwalk

Last Friday night several dioceses in Austria held a so called “Long night of the churches” featuring different religious, cultural or culinary events.

The seminary of Graz diocese arranged an open-air fashion show in its courtyard. The seminarians presented clerical and liturgical dresses on a black, about 15 meters long catwalk. One seminarian came along in a beautiful baroque chasuble folding his hands like in prayer.

Graz Bishop Wilhelm Krautwaschl participated in the show walking over the catwalk in a white cassock. The anticlerical Austrian State TV ORF was allowed to film the event.

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2 comments on “Austrian Bishop Plays Model on Catwalk

  1. [“Ditto” in Cologne with a “real” fashion show with models (female and male) and the latest styles (not just seminarians, priests, and a bishop in clerical and liturgical attire)]

    Archdiocese of Cologne Promotes Catwalk in Church

    On June 10th, the ninth edition of the fashion, design, and shopping festival „le bloc” took place in Cologne, Germany. The parish St Gereon participates since 2010 with the project “Art & Amen”. This year it opened the church Saint Michael for a fashion show on a catwalk.

    Cologne archdiocese under Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki officially promotes these activities on its web page. Since 2014 the diocese pays a permanent event manager with a half-time position, who organises “Art & Amen”.

  2. [Will the Church in France stage something similar as an “exhibition” during its Night of the Churches?]

    ‘Night of the churches’ in France

    Catholic World News – June 13, 2017

    The Bishops’ Conference of France is encouraging all French parishes to open their doors to their local communities as night falls on June 24, the Solemnity of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist.

    Parishes are commemorating the “night of the churches” in various ways, including Scripture readings, concerts, singing, and exhibitions.

    Some parishes have announced they will open their doors on other evenings during the following week, up until July 2.

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