German Bishop: Death of Church is “Sign of Vitality”

German Bishop: Death of Church is “Sign of Vitality”

On the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of his priestly ordination, Paderborn Bishop Hans-Josef Becker spoke to, the official news-site of the German bishops, about the “lasting transformation” of the Catholic Church over the last forty years. He presented them as “a sign of vitality”.

Paderborn Archdiocese is very big with over 1.5 million Catholics, 950 diocesan priests and 700 parishes. The parishes are in the process of being reduced to 120. The number of priests and faithful will dramatically shrink in the near future. But the Archdiocese is very rich. It owns a patrimony of 4 billion Euros, of which 3.6 billion are financial assets. It further receives yearly around 370 million Euros from the German church-tax.

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  1. [Another sign of “vitality” in KrautChurch]

    Oldest German Diocese Dissolves All Parishes

    Trier diocese, the oldest in Germany, will dissolve its 903 parishes and reduce them to 35, liberal Bishop Stephan Ackermann (54) explained on Friday during an information meeting of the diocese in Trier. He spoke of a “crisis”.

    Ackermann admitted that the new parishes will have nothing in common with the traditional ones “but the name”. Trier is the birthplace of Karl Marx.

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