Pope Criticised For Wrong Understanding of God

Pope Criticised For Wrong Understanding of God


On June 7th, Pope Francis claimed, that “God cannot be God without man”. But this contradicts the first line of the Catechism of the Catholic Church according to the American author and editor Carl E. Olson writing on catholicworldreport.com. Olson calls Francis’ statement problematic, as “God lacks nothing. Period.” And, “ To suggest, even unwittingly, that God somehow lacked [something] or was incomplete without us would seriously skew and even damage a proper understanding of both who God is and who we are in relation to Him.”

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One comment on “Pope Criticised For Wrong Understanding of God

  1. Now, now. If you’re going to criticize Francis’ understanding of God, you’ll have to establish a framework of truth for so doing. It would only be fair to use the same framework that Francis has, namely, the New Theology based in phenomenological apprehension of truth. This was discussed in Pascendi, on the Modernists.

    You see, according to Fr. Garrigou-Lagrange, writing on the New Theology, truth is “no longer the adequation of intellect and reality but the conformity of mind and life.” Hence, to understand Francis, you must have the same life experience that he had, e.g., training in situation ethics and advanced heresy, living with Peronist death squads, etc. If you did accommodate yourself to his life, you would see how he sees that he is necessary to God. In fact, as with all the phenomenologists, the tendency is to frame God in the experience of the person, effectively making God in the image of the person.

    It may well be that Francis sees himself as necessary to God because he IS his own God. But then does the principle propagate down to us neoPelagian scum, i.e., is it necessary for us to exist for Francis to be? Heh. We know better than that. And so, his own principle fails to prove itself. But, that’s Modernism!

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