Jor-che Warns of “SIN” Against Ecumaniac-ism (Oct., 2016)

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Pope: It’s a ‘very grave sin’ for Catholics to try to convert Orthodox

Claire Chretien

GEORGIA, October 4, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) — It is a “very grave sin against ecumenism” for Catholics to try to convert Orthodox Christians, Pope Francis said during the second day of his trip to the Eurasian country of Georgia.

“Let the theologians study the abstract realities of theology,” the pontiff said. “But what should I do with a friend, neighbor, an Orthodox person? Be open, be a friend. ‘But should I make efforts to convert him or her?’ There is a very grave sin against ecumenism: proselytism. We should never proselytize the Orthodox! They are our brothers and sisters, disciples of Jesus Christ.”

More than 1,000 years ago, the Orthodox split from the Catholic Church, arguing that the bishop of Constantinople, not the pope, should be recognized as the supreme pontiff. The Orthodox and Catholic Churches agree on many doctrinal and liturgical matters, but they disagree about the nature of God — specifically, whether the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son.

Pope Francis’ words seemingly contradict what the Catholic Church teaches about salvation and Jesus Christ’s command to “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you” (Matthew 28:19-20).

Ecumenism is an often vaguely-defined term that can refer to anything from similarities-focused dialogue that helps bring participants into full Communion with the Catholic Church to a muddy version of interfaith cooperation that seemingly denies significant denominational, doctrinal, or religious differences.

Whether it would actually be possible for someone to “sin against ecumenism” is unclear given how vaguely the term is defined and how it is often used to give the impression that there is no command of Jesus Christ for all mankind to enter the Catholic Church, and that not being a member of the Catholic Church is not a serious obstacle to salvation. The Catholic Church teaches “Sin is an offense against reason, truth, and right conscience; it is failure in genuine love for God and neighbor caused by a perverse attachment to certain good” and that every sin is ultimately an offense against God (CCC 1849 – 1850)….

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5 comments on “Jor-che Warns of “SIN” Against Ecumaniac-ism (Oct., 2016)

  1. Obviously, this is just the latest installment from the continuing saga of anti-theological sewage dumped, untreated, into the Tiber since the 60s by revolutionary messianic enemies of Christ and His Church.

    Call this episode, “Paean to the Pantheists.”

    This, alone, would be enough to bring charges in a Church court but we won’t see it happen…. unless Cardinals Burke and Sarah and the Kazakhstani Abp decide to do more than travel the globe, hosted by their fan clubs, and write nice things which do nothing to alleviate the very apostasy from the top warned of by Cardinal Ciappi, long ago.

    Eminences and Excellencies – DRAIN THE SWAMP!

  2. Not just a sin, but a “grave” sin. And not just grave, but “very grave.” This from the man who tells us that God might approve of adulterers staying in adulterous unions.

    Words mean nothing to this man. He uses them as cudgels against those who yet hold onto Catholic meanings of words.

    My conscience tells me to ignore this man and warn others about his obfuscations. Conscience tells me to inform myself from the ancient and unambiguous teachings handed down over the centuries. Do I have the right to follow my conscience? If not, why not?

  3. Ah, but Cyprian, *your* conscience is worth nothing compared to the conscience of His Self-Exaltedness. HE knows better, because he’s the Pope.

    Uh…wait a minute…hasn’t He Himself recommended, in Amoralis Licentia, that we all judge what it is that God expects of us in our concrete circumstances? And isn’t that to follow our OWN conscience? And how would He recommend that we do this if it were a sin?
    Um…but then, if MY conscience tells me that “proselytizing” is the will of Jesus Christ, and/or that no one is a true “disciple of Christ” unless he belongs to the one Church founded by Christ, and that Christ founded only the Catholic Church (for why would the One God found multiple “Churches”…to confuse people?), then how can proselytizing be any kind of sin?

    You know, I could quote from the Pope’s predecessors numerous times to show that they disagree with His Self-Exaltedness 180 degrees on the matter of proselytizing. And then, even assuming that one was a hyperinfallibilist, and must therefore blindly take this pope’s every word as Gospel truth, one would be faced with a dilemma: WHICH popes should I follow, this and other modern popes, or the popes of the past?
    But with this incredible fool of a pope, I don’t even need to do that.
    He contradicts HIMSELF. And that alone makes it logically impossible to practice blind obedience toward him.
    For the nth time, another deranged liberal proves that liberals are their own refutation; that they are walking self-contradictory hypocrites; that they are mentally ill.

  4. Convert to Roman Catholicism or the Latin rite? NO, because that would be a ‘very grave sin’ not against “ecumeniac-ism” but against the very nature of Catholicism (or the Catholic Church Herself) as a communion of churches (Latin and non-Latin or Eastern) under the Pope *NOTE: Capital “C” Church for the very Church Herself and small “c” church for those various churches within Her with their respective rites – Latin and non-Latin or Eastern).

    Convert (in the sense of “return to” or “enter into communion” with the Catholic Church? YES, because the Church allows non-Latin churches that return to or enter into communion (such as the Maronites, Ukrainians, Ruthenians, Melkites, and a small group of Georgians – in the early 20th century but later crushed by the Russo-Communist government as it also did to the fledgling Russian Byzantine Catholic Church, although some such parishes continue to exist outside Russia) to retain their non-Latin or Eastern rite. Also the Church discourages “conversion” (or actually, canonical transfer) to the Latin rite.

  5. Looking at this clearly, the simple fact is that the Vicar of Christ is stating that there is NOT One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church which is the Body of Christ and the way to Heaven.
    Rather, he is tossing total confusion into the picture by suggesting that there is more than one true Church and more than one path to Heaven.
    To put it bluntly – this is heresy.
    Satan must be rolling in the aisles in laughter at the error and confusion this Pope is throwing into the pot.

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