The Animus Question

Does former FBI Director Comey have a hidden animus against the President of the US and does this animus color his answers to questions about the conversations he had with the President?

Sen. What His Name: Director Comey. do you like President Trump?

Sen. What His Name: Director Comey, what did you mean when you referred to the “nature of the man” as being one of the reasons why you made detailed records of your conversations with him – while you did not make such records of conversations with any previous presidents or members of their Cabinet?

Sen. What His Name: Director Comey, what evidence can you present that backs up or supports your allegation that President Trump might lie in reference to the conversations you had with him?

Sen. What His Name: Director Comey, you know that the Federal Records Act covers all documents made by federal employees in the conduct of their official duties and that such records are the property of the government and not the individual who made them. Why then, did you take it upon yourself to release such records to the media using a surrogate to release them?

Sen. What His Name: Director Comey, what action would you take if a subordinate released to the media records of private, confidential conversations you had with that employee? Do you believe that such action could be grounds for dismissal of that employee and revocation of his security clearance?

Sen. What His Name: Director Comey, on what basis do you take upon yourself the responsibility for the appointment of a general consul when two congressional committees have already been appointed and, in fact, are engaged in investigations, and have already asked for your records in a matter before the committees?

Sen. What His Name: Director Comey, what confidence can we have that your testimony is not the product of an animus you have against the President as a result of your being fired or, of predilections you may had have of his fitness to be President?

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3 comments on “The Animus Question

  1. Is “animus” related to (or have) an enneagram number? Maybe Howl could answer that.

    Is it related to Jung’s “anima”? Some people who when they hear that word, think that the speaker said “enema.”

  2. Pretty sure it’s pronounced “Commie”…

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