Sexual Abuse as a Pretext to Attack Confession

Sexual Abuse as a Pretext to Attack Confession

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Last November Melbourne Archbishop Denis Hart ordered Catholic schools to conduct confessions – quote – “in an open setting in the full view of all participants, who are supervised by staff”, this way putting into question the use of confessionals in order to allegedly protect the safety of the children.

In February, all five Australian metropolitan Archbishops told the federal child abuse royal commission, that they would endorse a national standard that removed the use of confessionals for children.

As a result Fr John O’Connor is under fire for continuing to use the confessional for his parish school in Yarraville. He argues that this does not violate Archbishop Hart’s call, as the child’s door remains open, allowing for teacher supervision.

Canon Law requires that confessions are heard in “confessionals with a fixed grate between the penitent and the confessor”. finds it difficult to understand how such a setting could endanger anybody’s sexual integrity. Nevertheless, so-called child safety experts are asking to do away with confessionals altogether.

Australian Childhood Foundation’s chief executive Joe Tucci said to The Age, “I do believe that we should be encouraging and modelling to children that anything that promotes secrecy isn’t a helpful orientation.”

Dr Cathy Kezelman, president of Blue Knot Foundation, which supports child abuse victims, claimed that the confessional was a – quote – “closed dark space” even if its door was open and, “A lot of work is being done to make institutions and all aspects of institutions safe for children, where there can be transparency and visibility, and this would appear to be flying completely in the face of that.”

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One comment on “Sexual Abuse as a Pretext to Attack Confession

  1. I must be missing something here. Can someone explain to me how a traditional confessional, where the penitent kneels at one side of a grill and the priest can hardly even see them at all, poses any threat of child sexual abuse?
    The modern, post Vac II reconciliation rooms, where the penitent literally sits next to the priest, are far more dangerous – but of course in typical, dishonest fashion, the Archbishop doesn’t even mention that.
    This is yet another example of the modernists using any excuse to tear down the sacraments.
    It would be better if Archbishop Hart acknowledged that the vast majority of clerical sexual abuse has been of teenage males, in other words it is of a homosexual nature.
    How about stopping homos from getting into the seminaries Archbishop Hart?

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