Jesuit Claims “Homophobia” One of the “Principal Sins of the Church”

Jesuit Claims “Homophobia” One of the “Principal Sins of the Church”

[Replacing sodomy as a “sin crying to heaven for vengeance”?]

The American homosexualist, Jesuit James Martin, claims in a polemical interview with the homosexualist Italian La Repubblica, that “homophobia” is today “one of the principal sins of the Church.” For him, the parable of Zacchaeus (Lk 19, 1-10) shows how Christ would have accepted homosexualists. Martin suppresses though the fact, that Zacchaeus promises a radical conversion.

For Martin homosexualists are now the “most marginalized group in the Catholic Church”. He even claimed that the Church sometimes is like a fortress designed to keep them out.”

In reality such ecclesiastical behaviour is today exclusively reserved for those faithful and priests, who hold up the Catholic faith and doctrine.

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