India: school book describes Jesus as a demon; Christians demand removal

India: school book describes Jesus as a demon; Christians demand removal

[The head honcho of the School Board for School Books (sic; speak of redundancy) says it was a typo. Yah sure; they meant “devil” rather than “demon” (see addendum below)]

Catholic World News – June 09, 2017

Christians in India’s Gujarat state are asking officials to remove a book that is currently in use in public schools, in which Jesus is described as a demon.

The book is “simply unacceptable and should be removed immediately,” said a spokesman for the Christian protesters, noting the law that bans deliberate offenses against religious faith. Gujarat’s education minister said that reference was a typographical error, and “the mistake will soon be resolved.”

Addendum from the source article:

Commenting on the mistake, Jesuit Fr. Cedric Prakash, a human rights activist, told Fides: “The fact that Jesus was denigrated in a school book tells a lot about those who have been accountable for shaping the mind, character, and future of Indian children”. Father Prakash added that “many have no hesitation in denigrating or even eliminating minorities, dalit and tribals”. Considering the error as “sign of fascist ideologies”, Fr. Prakash asks for “the immediate withdrawal of the textbook, for the leaders to be persecuted and the government must apologize to the Christian community”. It is not the first time, note observers, that mistakes of this kind have been reported in textbooks published in Gujarat. According to John Dayal, a Catholic journalist and human rights activist, “textbooks have always been dangerous as far as references to faith are concerned”.

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