Another scandalous conference at the Vatican in the offing

Another scandalous conference at the Vatican in the offing

Similar to the March 2017 one on “biological extinction” including pro-aborts and popconners (population control advocates); the upcoming meeting under the aegis of the “new and improved” Pontifical Academy for Life (PAL) in conjunction with the “secular” World Medical Association (WMA) will focus on changing policies and practices concerning euthanasia and related matters.

From Academy For Life. Not Yet Reborn and Already Stumbling (Sandro Magister, Settimo Cielo, 9 June 2017)

For the following month, specifically November 16 and 17 [2017], [PAL President-Archbishop] Paglia has decided to host at the Vatican, in the Sala Vecchia of the synod and under the aegis of the Pontifical Academy for Life, a conference promoted by the European section of the secular World Medical Association, WMA, on questions concerning euthanasia, so-called medically assisted suicide and the suspension of vital treatment at the request of patients.

With this conference the WMA intends to update its positions on these subjects, under pressure from physicians of various countries in which such practices have been decriminalized or legalized. With the probable publication of a “final declaration” whose contents could put the Holy See in serious difficulty.

Neither the program of the event nor the names of the speakers have yet been made known by the WMA and the Pontifical Academy for Life. Nor is there any information about it at the congregation for the doctrine of the faith or the former pontifical council for the pastoral care of health care workers.

Who knows if the secretariat of state will intervene here as well to guarantee that at the conference there may at least be some speakers capable of defending with solid arguments the positions of the Catholic Church on the end of life. Certainly not Paglia alone, whose thinking on the subject is rather shaky, in the judgment of many authoritative former members of the Pontifical Academy that he heads.

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  1. Life is death
    Sin is virtue
    Lies are truth

    Can you tell who’s in charge in the Vatican?

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