Chinese ‘underground’ bishop still in government custody

Chinese ‘underground’ bishop still in government custody

[While the Vatican continues negotiations with the ChiComs on how to legitimate their “Patriotic” Church and neuter the true (“Underground”) Church]

Catholic World News – June 06, 2017

Catholics in China’s Wenzhou diocese have heard nothing about the whereabouts of Bishop Peter Shao Zhumin, more than two weeks after he was called to meet with local government officials, the AsiaNews service reports.

Bishop Shao reported to the local office of religious affairs on May 18. Four days later he asked aides to bring him altar wine. Since that time there has been no communication between the bishop and his people, and officials are refusing to provide any information.

Bishop Shao, whose appointment is not recognized by the Chinese government, was arrested on April 18, as he prepared to celebrate the Easter Triduum for the first time as Bishop of Wenzhou. He was returned to the diocese just after Easter, but arrested again last week.

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