Jay Sekulow

Once in a while a person appears on TV who seems to have it right. A few miutes ago I listened to Jay Sekulow saying if he were on the congressional committee interviewing Comey on Thursday, he would pin Comey down and ask him: “Do you believe that laws were broken during your tenure and, if so, why did you fail to report such crimes to the Dept of Justice as required by federal law?” My opinion is Comey would invoke the Fifth Amendment and refuse to answer. (That applies not only to the current accusations against the Trump Administration but to Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State.) Problem is – Sekulow is not on the committee and I don’t believe anyone on the committee will have the guts to pin Comey to the wall.

I am again reminded by Pontius Pilate saying: “Truth? What is truth?” One thing for certain IMO – you won’t find it in the halls of Congress.

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