Vladimir, Oh Vladimir, Who Art Thou?

I know, the title is a take-off on the Shakespearean line: “Romeo, Oh Romeo, Wherefore Art Thou, Romeo? My apologies to all; just can’t seem to get my imagination running on all cylinders today. Anyway, let’s see how far I get with this question and the follow-ups.

Is Vladimir Putin a friend or foe? Is he the guy who is nothing more than a KGB agent out for the destruction of western democracy and freedoms? Is he the brutal villain who has killed thousands of innocent people in his expansionist tendencies in the Crimea? Or is he the guy who I saw light a candle in an Orthodox Church and bless himself with the sign of the cross in the Russian tradition? Who is Vladimir Putin?

Well, I don’t know. I’ve never met the man and I have no idea what he really thinks. But I do know that he represents a country with a vast history of competent contributors to philosophy, music and thought, not to mention having been an ally to the US during the fight against Nazi Germany. Unfortunately, his predecessors built a wall that separated East from West for many years and led to a cold-war against two of the most powerful nations of earth.

But, I guess the real question for us now is whether he will prove to be a friend or a foe in the battles yet to be fought in the 21st century – against the powers of darkness and evil which abound in today’s world. Is he really a person who believes in the efficacy of lighting a candle in the cathedral and drawing down the Mercy of Almighty God on us all? Or, is he just another in the long lines of world leaders who have forgotten Who is really in charge. Imagine, if you will, that he turns out to be a friend. Imagine what good things could be accomplished.

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3 comments on “Vladimir, Oh Vladimir, Who Art Thou?

  1. Hey, don’t I know you?

  2. My “hope” is that once our President can shut up the deranged media harpies and ferret out all the perverts, punks and fellow travelers who have committed treason, treachery and vileness of every sort to undermine his new Administration (which wasn’t a problem for Vlad, of course) there will develop a constructive relationship between the US and Russia.

    Clearly both leaders see it as desirable and I think, at the moment. Putin is shaking his head in disbelief at the absurdities he sees that define the West, including the swampland along the Potomac. However, being Russian, he’s patient.

  3. Meanwhile, here’s a bit of comic relief…

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