Re. Fr. Normandin (Canadian Priest)

First, thank you everyone for your prayers but Father is still alive and the report I passed on was based on another priest’s announcement at Mass the other day. That priest was misinformed. Fr. Normandin IS seriously ill with clots in his lungs and certainly prayers for this selfless priest will continue to be appreciated.

I posted the following comment on Facebook re. how unfortunate it is that people don’t verify such urgent news before giving it out…

“… were doing the right thing but I wish OTHER people would verify such vitally important news before they pass it along.

“This is really embarrassing to those of us, like Monique, who act in good faith on behalf of the dying and the holy souls. And that is to say nothing of all the time now required to go back to all the forums and correct the information. Accuracy is a virtue that appears to be no longer something of the importance it one was held to be.

“I’ve seen it happen before and I will only act on information I have personally verified from now on.”

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2 comments on “Re. Fr. Normandin (Canadian Priest)

  1. O Sweet Jesus, Eternal High Priest,
    look favorably upon Thy priest Father Yves
    whom sickness has cast upon a bed of pain.
    Draw near to him, lay Thy hand upon him, and heal him by Thy Almighty power.
    Restore him to health and vigor so that praising Thee he may be able to continue to labor in promoting Thy greater honor and glory and the salvation of souls.

  2. Agree with the statement that we should attempt to verify such things before posting but in comfort and solace to those who have prayed with good intentions, allow me to say that in the days before the new religion took over we were instructed by dedicated and holy nuns that our prayers are always heard and if the event such as a death has not occurred, our prayers are then stored in what is called a Treasury of Prayers to be dispensed by Our Lord as necessary as events unfold in the natural order. So, you see, Our Lord does provide to His children in need according to His Ultimate and Powerful Wisdom.

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