Procession of Reparation against Obscene Sodomite March in Reggio Emilia

Procession of Reparation [against Obscene Sodomite March] in Reggio Emilia

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[Opposed by the local bishop (a member of Communion and Liberation) and his “anti-homophobic” priest for youth ministry (“We must understand and accept these people” – i.e., sodomites)]

On Saturday, June 3rd, the Catholic Committee Beata Giovanna Scopelli will hold a procession of reparation in Reggio Emilia, Italy, because of a gay march, that takes place on the same day and that will display the usual obscenities.

Reggio Emilia Bishop Massimo Camisasca, a leading member of the movement ‘Comunione e Liberazione’, does not support the procession pointing out that the diocese is in no way involved in it. Camisasca was the only Italian bishop who consecrated his diocese to Our Lady Fatima on the centenary of her apparitions.

Fr Giordano Gocchini, responsible for youth pastoral in Reggio Emilia diocese, speaking to the Gazzetta di Reggio, also criticized the procession. He said that the gay march is a provocation and that the Church does not respond to a provocation with another provocation. La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana asks, “Is a sacred procession a provocation?”

At the same time, Fr Gocchini says that he is in favor of a prayer for – quote – “victims” of so-called homophobia, that was organized in a parish of the city. For him, this prayer was an important step to understand and accept these people. He stated that Christ is not after sins involving homosexuality, but after greed for money.

Fr Gocchini suggests that the opposers of the march could – quote – “pray in a church instead of going on the street.” La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana asks, “Can we be sure that the priests of this diocese would concede a church to the critics of the parade?” The answer: “We are sure that they would not even offer a pew to those agitators.”

On its flier, the committee uses a quote from the Summa Theologia, “Through the sins against nature, in which the natural order is violated, God himself is offended as the one who ordered nature.” Fr Gocchini says that the quote was taken out of context, but does not offer evidence for this claim. He elaborates that by criticizing the Gay Pride the committee polemicizes against the bishop and the pope. Therefore – quote – “We don’t define them as Catholics.”

Gocchini dodges the question, whether homosexual acts are sinful. According to him, the – quote – “mentality or the attitude of the Church has changed”. Quote, “The Church does not present herself as a judge anymore.” But why then does Gocchini judge those Catholics who protest against the Gay Pride?

According to Fr Gocchini, the patrimony of faith is not something immutable but is in the hands of the people of God. And, “The faithful have their perception of faith according to the time they live in, and the Church is walking with the times.” If Gocchini truly believes this, then the question arises whether the patrimony of faith is not in the hands of the faithful who belong to the Committee that criticizes the gay march.

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