[“Conservative”] Archbishop Passes Buck on Correcting Catholic Universities

Abp. Charles Chaput: “We lost this battle a long time ago”

[His Excellency could at least yank their Catholic status, which other than for pontifical faculties, is granted by the local bishop]

by Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th. • ChurchMilitant • June 1, 2017

Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia recognizes the anti-Catholic formation students are encountering at Catholic universities across America, but says he can’t do much about it.

Recently, a faithful Catholic, expressing concerns about the commencement address of Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York City and abortion advocate, at Catholic Villanova University, wrote to the local archbishop. “Is it an act of God’s will to bring a pro-choice advocate to a Catholic university? Or is the invitation an accessory to sin?” he asked Abp. Chaput.

The archbishop acknowledged that he was the “competent ecclesiastical authority in some sense” over the university. He added, however, “I don’t have any direct authority at all over the university.”

The archbishop communicated that he was aware of the problems at Catholic universities in general. He attributes this problem to the bishops failing to implement the directives of Pope St. John Paul II in his 1990 apostolic constitution Ex Corde Ecclesiae, on Catholic universities. “But the practical application of Ex Corde Ecclesiae that was made by the American bishops,” says Abp. Chaput, “make it very difficult for us to intervene in any serious way.”

Speaking of the infamous 1967 Land O’ Lakes Conference, which fomented dissent against Church teaching at Catholic universities in the name of academic freedom, Abp. Chaput admits, “You’re right about the Land O’ Lakes Statement. But it’s been warmly embraced by most of the Catholic universities of the United States. We lost this battle a long time ago when the bishops refused to put any punch behind the American application of Ex Corde Ecclesiae.”

Putting things into perspective, American bishops have no direct authority over President Donald Trump, either; yet that doesn’t stop them from making dozens of officials statements condemning his immigration policy or even calling for Catholics to “become disruptors.”

Why can’t bishops contact the presidents of Catholic colleges, as well as meet with them privately, to discuss their concerns about the loss of Catholic identity at these institutions that bear the Catholic name? If nothing is done, what stops bishops from then making their concerns about these institutions public?

Bishops have no trouble speaking up about social justice issues. Are there any bishops, however, speaking up about the scandal being given at Catholic universities that are more Catholic in name than in practice?

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  1. It s pathetic that so many modernist bishops are such unmanly wusses on these issues. The modernist apostate lunatic occupying the throne of St. Peter would never back him up but the bishop could strip the university of is privilege of identifying itself as a “Catholic” university as long as these abuses go on. He could deny any dissenting modernist priest at such a university of serving as a priest, saying Mass, or performing sacraments (such as weddings) as long as they are participating in and enabling anti-Catholic dissent on the campus of an anti-Catholic modernist university. No more Catholic weddings or Masses in the university chapel. Suspend them from active ministry for as long as they persist in enabling anti-Catholic heresy and scandals. Place the campus under interdict. Sue through canon law on charges of alienation of church property. Start acting like a man.

  2. Battle? What battle?

  3. Quote: “You’re right about the Land O’ Lakes Statement. But it’s been warmly embraced by most of the Catholic universities of the United States. We lost this battle a long time ago when the bishops refused to put any punch behind the American application of Ex Corde Ecclesiae.”

    It will not happen, but such a bishop could call for a committee of the USCCB to review how
    Ex corde Ecclesiae should be enforced. Why on earth would the bishop not do EVERYTHING possible under canon law to ensure that Catholic identity and Catholic teachings are preserved and defended on Catholic campuses? Write a letter published in the diocesan newspaper outlining the issues and what needs to be addressed regarding Catholic identity in Catholic education. Issue a ratings system and publish which campuses do not meet Catholic standards. Put it on the front page. Strongly encourage parents and students not to support institutions which engage in promoting anti-Catholic agendas. Get tough.

  4. “Tough” pretty much died out just around the time the Edsel was trotted out.

    Crosby, Still, Nash & Young managed to get one thing right. We’re finally on our own.

    Take it away, Bing…


  5. These limp-wristed responses by the wusses in the modernist hierarchy are quite pathetic. What about the souls of the students lured into attending fake Catholic universities? Isn’t the bishop concerned about Catholic students being swindled and subjected to anti-Catholic disinformation
    which will not only make them ignorant but imperil the salvation of their souls? Isn’t it the duty of Catholic bishops to provide authentic Catholic education for the future parents of Catholic children in the diocese?

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