U.S. Bishop Encourages Receiving Communion Kneeling, on the Tongue

U.S. Bishop Encourages Receiving Communion Kneeling, on the Tongue

[His Excellency breaks ranks with the USCCCP’s policy for the manner of receiving Holy Communion: “standing”]

From the 2002 edition of the General Instruction of the Roman Missal (GIRM – or GERM?):

Paragraph 160: The faithful may communicate either standing or kneeling, as established by the Conference of Bishops.

Adaptation for the United States approved by the Holy See: The norm for reception of Holy Communion in the dioceses of the United States is standing.


During Chrism Mass, on April 11th, Bishop Robert Morlino of Madison, Wisconsin, encouraged the faithful to receive Communion kneeling and on the tongue, writes “romancatholicman.com”. Morlino said, that “there is no question that Communion on the tongue is more reverent. And it doesn’t lend itself to a casual kind of behaviour.”

Morlino had though to admit that he cannot abolish other options, “If you want to receive in the hand, receive in the hand.” He hopes however that all priests work together with him on encouraging the faithful to receive Holy Communion on the tongue.

Morlino belongs to the Catholic wing in the U.S. Bishops’ Conference.

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8 comments on “U.S. Bishop Encourages Receiving Communion Kneeling, on the Tongue

  1. Morlino had though to admit that he cannot abolish other options, “If you want to receive in the hand, receive in the hand.”

    Just set a date, e.g., August 15, 2017, after which everyone who is able will receive kneeling, and all receive on the tongue. Then let the chips fly.

  2. Hey ECS, ever been to dat der Novus Ordo wafer toss?

    Even da girls toss–extraordinary ministers, hey ain’a?

  3. I am convinced that communion in the hand while standing has been a cause of the most abominable sacrileges for decades. I see at my Cathedral tourists, every Sunday, lining up to take something they have no understanding of or belief in. Many of them have just arrived on a Chinese tourist coach as part of their Sunday tour of our city. They come into the Cathedral, see lines of people going out to collect something, and join the line. It happens every week. When I “chased” one a couple of weeks ago, who was walking away with the host, I required her to hand It over to me and I took It to the nearest priest. When I told him, he merely dismissed my concern with the comment, “I’m sure she meant no harm, she didn’t understand.”
    What a ridiculous remark! Of course she didn’t understand! That is the whole point. If the Communicants came out and knelt at the Communion rail and received on their tongue then 99% of the blasphemy caused by non Catholics receiving Holy Communion would stop. The tourists would understand that something very sacred was happening and they would be far less likely to humble themselves in that manner for something they knew nothing about.
    Add to this the simple fact that we lay Catholics should NOT be handling the Sacred Body of Christ in our hands – that is something only for the consecrated hands of a priest or deacon.

  4. We have the eucharistic ministers and NO Legion of Mary here handing people communion from their purses. Seriously they’ll ask if you want to receive communion today and when you say you would, they just open their purse, reach in, take one out, and hand it to you…

    • AT, that is a new one for me! Please email me which parish is doing that. Thanks.

    • A purse or a black burse with a strap that might look like a small purse? Such a burse holds the gold-plated pyx with consecrated Hosts.


      Nonetheless, if Hosts are given from that in such a casual manner, it detracts from the sacredness of the object (the Host) and the ritual (Communion).

  5. Only an ordained priest, bishop or properly-authorized deacon (in a case of an extreme, mortal emergency) may handle the Sacred Species, except under Roman martyr-like conditions and in service to Catholics about to die under persecution. Of which, only Catholics living in war zones would likely qualify.

    Otherwise, go to Mass or be visited, if confined or in-hospital, by a priest.

    The ordinary way of receiving Holy Communion should ever be observed, the recipient kneeling and receiving on the tongue as the proper prayer is said by the priest (not the formula used by Nervous Ordealers).

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