Francis & Kasper vs. Ratzinger/Benedict

Francis & Kasper vs. Ratzinger/Benedict

From Quick Hits by Phil Lawler | May 29, 2017

The fear that Pope Francis is deliberately trying to undo the work of his predecessors, and particularly the work of Benedict XVI, is an increasingly common theme for Catholic writers. Matthew Schmitz made an important contribution to that body of analysis last week with his short essay, “Burying Benedict,” for First Things. Schmitz recounts the important theological debate in the 1990s between then-Cardinal Ratzinger and soon-to-be Cardinal Kasper, noting that “Francis has steadily advanced the agenda that Kasper outlined over a decade ago.” The debate will finally be decided, Schmitz argues, according to “who thinks with the mind of a Church that has seen countless heresies come and go.” By that measure, he concludes: “Regardless of who dies first, Benedict will outlive Francis.”

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One comment on “Francis & Kasper vs. Ratzinger/Benedict

  1. Benedict “Echoes the Apostles” – Francis “Parrots Walter Kasper”

    Matthew Schmitz, the literary editor of the prestigious “First Things” writes that Francis is trying to bury Benedict while the latter is still living, “Upon his election in 2013, Francis began to pursue an agenda that Joseph Ratzinger had opposed throughout his career.” Schmitz concludes, “When Benedict’s enraptured words are compared to the platitudes of his successor, it is hard not to notice a difference: One pope echoes the apostles, and the other parrots Walter Kasper.” And, “Regardless of who dies first, Benedict will outlive Francis.”

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