Francis Brought “Vibrantly Transformed” Theology

Francis Brought “Vibrantly Transformed” Theology

On May 20th, San Diego Bishop Robert McElroy told 55 theology graduates of Santa Clara University, California, that Pope Francis introduced “a vibrantly transformed branch of Catholic theology”, writes “”.

McElroy claims that Francis’ theology “rejects a notion of law which can be blind to the uniqueness of concrete human situations”. According to the Pope, McElroy claims, moral theology “does not first demand a change of life, but begins with an embrace of divine love, proceeds to the action of healing and only then requires a conversion of action in responsible conscience.”

McElroy needs to answer the question whether this theory applies to all sinners including murderers, terrorists, Nazis, racketeers or child abusers. McElroy belongs to the liberal wing of the Bishops’ Conference.

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7 comments on “Francis Brought “Vibrantly Transformed” Theology

  1. Francis introduced “a vibrantly transformed branch of Catholic theology”

    So did Wojtyla–personalism, phenomenology, non syncretistic syncretism, sex in the image of God, etc.–but everybody would take him back in a heartbeat it seems.

  2. Give that man a burrito, hand him a surf board and set him afloat off La Jolla beach…

    “I’m OK, You’re OK” pablum and lickspittle recidivism.

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