The President Meets the Pope

The President Meets the Pope

by Christopher A. Ferrara
May 25, 2017

So Pope Bergoglio has met with the President he publicly declared “not Christian” because he pledges to build a border wall. The meeting was cordial, and the First Lady and Trump’s daughter Ivanka had the decency to dress modestly for the occasion, including chapel veils routinely eschewed by the Pope’s more “liberated” female dignitary guests.

There was, by all reports, no discussion between the Pope and the President regarding “climate change,” the quasi-religious liberal dogma masquerading as science. But Trump was not allowed to escape the apostolic palace without being badgered about the issue. In the later meeting with Cardinal Parolin, Vatican Secretary of State, Trump was pressed to commit the United States to remaining a party to the Paris Accord, which would impose the absurd requirement that the US “reduce its greenhouse gas emissions” — meaning predominantly simple carbon dioxide, which we exhale with every breath and plants need for photosynthesis —”by 26-28 percent below the 2005 level in 2025, and to make ‘best efforts’ to reduce emissions by 28 percent.”

Since when does the Catholic Church, commissioned by Christ to be the sole ark of salvation, dispense advice to politicians on the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions? Since Vatican II, of course, when the other-worldly Church whose divine mission is to save souls was subjected to an “opening to the world” and underwent, as even Paul VI was forced to admit, an “invasion of the Church by worldly thinking.” In this case, some very faulty worldly thinking.

A few questions which apparently have not occurred to Parolin or Pope Bergoglio concerning the secular dogma they have swallowed whole: What exactly is the “ecological catastrophe” Pope Bergoglio — who has no expertise in the subject — credulously supposes must happen if “greenhouse gases” are not drastically reduced? When can this “catastrophe” be expected to occur if the Paris Accord is not followed? How exactly can the “catastrophe” be averted merely because the US reduces “greenhouse gases” to “26-28 percent below the 2005 level in 2025” while other nations are not similarly burdened? How was the 2005 baseline level of the US contribution to “greenhouse gases” determined, and how would the percentage reduction be determined? If the world can afford to wait eight more years for a 26-28 percent reduction in US greenhouse gas emissions, while other nations are not required to make such sharp reductions, where is the looming “catastrophe” Pope Bergoglio imagines to exist?

More generally, if the Vatican cannot demonstrate that without the Paris Accord the world will suffer an “ecological catastrophe,” which it certainly cannot demonstrate, then what is the point of the Paris Accord, and why should the American people be shackled to its strictest requirements while the rest of the world gets off relatively easy in terms of compliance? Granted, a more efficient use of energy and non-polluting and renewable methods of producing it are certainly desirable goals, but what right does the Vatican have to demand that the United States remain committed to a piece of paper that may well impair rather than facilitate achievement of those goals, given the historic incompetence of central government bureaucracies to accomplish anything of real value?

A hundred years ago, Our Lady of Fatima said this to three seers: “You have seen hell where the souls of poor sinners go. To save them, God wishes to establish in the world devotion to My Immaculate Heart. If what I say to you is done, many souls will be saved and there will be peace.”

Today’s Vatican, however, has a very different message: “You have seen climate change, which threatens the world with an ecological catastrophe. To save it, the Vatican wishes to establish in the world compliance with the Paris Accord.” It would be laughable if it were not so immensely tragic.

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4 comments on “The President Meets the Pope

  1. Küng Fu: Modernism the Legend Continues

    Master Po: What is troubling you, Grasshopper?

    Kwai Chang: I am confused, Master. Why does President Macron hide his joy when President Trump gestures to shake his hand?

    Master Po: Perhaps President Macron has not yet received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and rolled around on the floor expressing the joy of pneumatic charismatic hysteria by howling and shrieking like a hyena.

    Kwai Chang I suppose you are right, Master. And if President Macron had experienced the charismaniac renewal, he would know this joy, yes?

    Master Po: Indeed, he would, Grasshopper. All charismaniacs who have been swept up in the outpouring of the Spirit have experienced this divine lunacy.

    Kwai Chang: And if President Macron had experienced the pneumatic outpouring of the baptism of the Holy Spirit, then he could express his joy by scolding others more vigorously while moralizing and virtue signaling with greater self-righteousness and condescension like other neo-Catholic charismatic modernists who scold others endlessly for hiding their joy as a way to show the gifts of the Spirit?

    Master Po: You have learned well. Strange are the ways of the outpouring of the Spirit, are they not, Grasshopper? When rain pours down in rabbit hole, there is must drying needed for gentle bunnies, no?

    Kwai Chang: Yes, Master. Is this also why Pope Francis was hiding his joy when posing for media publicity photos with President Trump?

    Master Po: Perhaps Pope Francis was saving his joy for the moment when he presented President Trump with a book on climate change hysteria. Even the lion must rest when the rays of the sun shine down brightly in summer heat, yes, Grasshopper?

    Captain Kirk: Mister Spock! President Macron and Pope Francis hiding their joy in their meetings with President Trump…. analyze using your superior Vulcan logic which we no longer actually call “superior” in public in order to avoid being accused of excessive rigidity and neo-Pelagian triumphalism by sensitive liberals and progressive modernists with self-esteem issues who might be less familiar with Aristotelian logic due to progressive curriculum changes from the Land O’Lakes conference agenda and who, therefore, might find displays of logic to be triggering events and microaggressions, retreating into safe spaces like hysterical, fragile snowflakes….

    Spock: Fascinating, Captain. It is possible that President Macron has not yet experienced charismatic illumination from the baptism of the Holy Spirit. On the other hand, Pope Francis may just be assuming the sadness and sour moralizing of a Jansenist peasant so that he can surprise people with his joy when they are least expecting it.

    Captain Kirk: Oh? I hadn’t thought of that. Keep them guessing, right. Remind me to try that technique on the ship’s crew. Catching them unexpected with a surprise outpouring of joy after hiding it for a while…. Yes, that just might work.

    Reverend Neuhaus: Of course, the Holy Father may have read Reinhold Niebuhr and wishes to open ecumenical dialogue on Lutheran attitudes toward the sinfulness of excessive and inordinate expressions of joy….

  2. Steve McGarrett: Danno, see if you can patch me through to the Great Gazoo. It seems that charismaniac allegations that we are hiding our joy have gotten a bit more serious.

    Gazoo: Oh, yes, charismaniac allegations of hiding one’s joy…

    Steve: What if someone has recently died? Is that a good enough reason for someone to be hiding their joy?

    Shaggy: Huh??? What is it, Daphne?

    Fred Flintstone: Wilma’s never going to believe that I saw Rock Quarry and the Great Gazoo today.

    Rock Quarry: I’m looking forward to meeting her, Fred.

    Wilbur: Well, his temperature seems OK. I just think Mister Ed has been hiding his joy too much. Do you think a Charismatic Renewal hootenanny will snap him out of it?

    Jim Phelps: When exactly did your horse begin talking?

    Jim Phelps: Mister Ed stopped talking? I see….

    Wilbur: You’ll be fine. They just want you to roll around on the floor and speak in tongues to show that you’re not hiding your joy.

    Jim Phelps: Well, apparently, Mister Ed stopped talking.

    Barney: That sounds serious, Jim.

    Jim: It is serious. It may be one of the most dangerous cases we’ve ever worked on.

    Jim: Rollin, do you have any disguises that might snap Mister Ed out of this?

    Rollin: I have a Bozo the Clown costume. Maybe that would work.

    Cinnamon: He might be afraid of clowns.

    Barney: Has he ever heard James Brown sing?

    Jim: I don’t know. But we’ll have to come up with something.

    Rollin: We could call the Great Gazoo.

    Jim: You’re sure this Great Gazoo will agree to help us?

    Rollin: I’ll contact Gazoo and make all the arrangements.

    Paris: If that doesn’t work, we could always try one of my Castro or Che Guevara disguises.

    Jim: Good thinking, Paris. An unexpected visit from a Third World Marxist dictator could be just the thing to demonstrate the dangers of hiding your joy.

    Colonel Hogan: Mister Ed is hiding his joy. Anybody got any ideas how we can help him out?

    Samantha: We could always call Doctor Bombay!

    Doctor Bombay: Hiding his joy, you say?

    Samantha: Mister Ed stopped talking!

    Dick: Hiding his joy, huh?

    Father O’Malley: And they tried scolding him for hiding his joy as a way of expressing their joy? Well, let’s see…Bingo Night is coming up…

    Sister Mary Benedict: I don’t think we could allow a horse in at Bingo Night.

    Father O’Malley: Well, has Wilbur ever considered running him in the Belmont?

    Sister Mary Benedict: A horse race? Perhaps you’re right, Father.

    Father O’Malley: Of course, if he wins, it could bail out St. Mary’s!

    Father Fitzgibbon: Were you plannin’ to ride him yerself, Father?

  3. Uncle Charley O’Casey: Steve! Ernie’s got the Great Gazoo up in his room and he’s talking to this crazy thing!

    Steve Douglas: Well, that’s nice. What do you want me to do about it?

    Uncle Charley: What do I want you to do about it? Ernie’s in his room talking to a flying cartoon Martian! It’s like he’s freaking out. He must have gotten into some of Robbie’s chocolate chip cookies, the ones packed with Hawaiian sinsemilla!

    Dr. Bellows: Just give him some niacin and whiskey and the cartoon Martian should go away in a few hours.

    Steve: Sure, Charley. Just give Ernie what he needs and he’ll calm down eventually when he gets tired.

    Dr. Bellows: We have an astronaut at NASA, Major Nelson, who claims to have a genie who lives in a bottle, who can fly on magic carpets…

    Jeannie: Oh, Master, you must not hide your joy. Just because Dr. Bellows does not approve of genies who live in bottles does not mean that you should hide your joy. You do not wish to suffer from excessive rigidity!

    Major Nelson: It’ll be our secret.

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