Philippines: Islamic State jihadis capture and murder nine Christians [i.e., Catholics, R.i.P.]

Philippines: Islamic State jihadis capture and murder nine Christians [i.e., Catholics, R.i.P.]


Did these Christians draw Muhammad? Did they poke the Muslims in the eye in some way? They must have provoked them, right? If we just stay quiet, we will be okay, right?

Actually, their crime was only to be Christian. Pope Francis is no doubt jetting to Marawi City as we speak, so as to explain to these jihad mass murderers that true Islam and the proper understanding of the Qur’an reject every form of violence.


Christians ‘are tied together and shot dead by ISIS militants’ as US-trained special forces battle to retake besieged Philippines city from rampaging jihadis,” by Ekin Karasin, Jay Akbar and Nic White, Daily Mail Australia, May 25, 2017:

ISIS-linked militants reportedly captured nine Christians, tied their hands together and shot them dead in a city in the Philippines.

The Maute group forced the civilians off their truck at a roadside checkpoint in Marawi City on Wednesday and murdered them after they were identified as Christian, local media reported.

Harrowing images show the group lying dead face-down in the grass, amid reports that villagers are afraid to move the bodies because terrorists are still in the area.

One policeman was similarly caught at a checkpoint set up by the militants and beheaded on Wednesday, President Rodrigo Duterte said.

It comes as 100 US-trained special forces aboard helicopters and armoured tanks battled to retake the besieged southern city from rampaging jihadis.

Five soldiers and one policemen died in the clashes, while 13 gunmen were killed, according to the military.

‘We’re confronting maybe 30 to 40 remaining from the local terrorist group,’ said Jo-Ar Herrera, a spokesman for the military’s First Infantry Regiment….

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