Packing College of Cardinals

Packing College of Cardinals

From Quick Hits; by Phil Lawler | May 26, 2017

Only rarely do I agree with Father Thomas Reese, but his column for the National Catholic Reporter, on how Pope Francis is packing the College of Cardinals, is both informative (with lots of background about the College) and sensible: Francis stacks the College of Cardinals. The Pope is promoting prelates who share his outlook, rather than representatives of the largest archdioceses in the universal Church. Father Reese shares the Pope’s outlook, but has reservations about the prudence of this approach:

Progressive Catholics are undoubtedly cheering the pope on as he chooses new cardinals, while conservatives are gnashing their teeth. I must remind my progressive friends that every change has unintended consequences. If by chance, a conservative pope regained the papacy, he could do the same things Francis is doing now.

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