Again: Pope Francis Supports Controversial Milagro Sala

Again: Pope Francis Supports Controversial Milagro Sala


On Wednesday, Pope Francis sent a handwritten letter of support to the Argentinean left-wing activist Milagro Sala, the imprisoned leader of the association Tupac Amaru which receives monthly 1,9 Million Dollars from the Argentinean government for different social projects. Among others, Tupac Amaru provides for contraception and free abortions and promotes homosexualism and gender ideology.

In January 2016 Sala was arrested on charges of fraud and criminal conspiracy. She allegedly embezzlement over 1,8 Million U.S. Dollar intended to help the poor. Shortly after her arrest Francis sent her a rosary. Sala considers the Communist Che Guevara or Socialist Bolivian President Evo Morales as her political models. She is criticised for her lust of power, autocratic behaviour, and violent temper.

Sala calls herself a “Catholic in my way” and believes in indigenous paganism and shamans. In September 2014 she met Francis in the Vatican and presented him with coca leaves, which are internationally prohibited.

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  1. The most shocking part is that Jorge Bergoglio knows what a Rosary is. Who’dda thought?

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