More on the Ridiculous “Ruini” Report

More on the Ridiculous “Ruini” Report

by Christopher A. Ferrara
May 23, 2017

An article in the Catholic Herald reveals further depths of absurdity in the Ruini Commission’s and the Vatican’s approach to the pseudo-apparitions at Medjugorje. The Herald, citing Fr. Salvatore Perrella, president of the Pontifical Institute Marianum and a member of the Commission, confirms that, laughably enough, the Commission “opted to distinguish between what occurred in the first 10 days and what has occurred in the following three decades.”

The Herald further reports: “If the Catholic Church recognises as ‘worthy of belief’ only the initial alleged apparitions of Mary at Medjugorje, it would be the first time the Church distinguished between phases of a single event, a theological expert in Mariology [Perrella] has said.”

Great. Another unheard-of novelty in the Catholic Church: “visionaries” who are determined to be credible for a period of ten days but then immediately become systematic liars for the next thirty years. How many such idiotic “firsts” have the faithful been subjected to over the past fifty years? It is almost impossible to count. And what has been the net result? Ecclesial ruin, now including the nonsense emanating from the aptly named Ruini Commission.

In a real howler, Perrella declares that Pope Bergoglio, who lauds the Commission’s ridiculous “split decision,” thought “it was a good idea to clear some of the fog.” This from a pontiff whose entire pontificate has been a ceaseless fog generator on matters as basic as the Sixth Commandment and the necessity of the Catholic Church for salvation.

“The commission did not make a definitive pronouncement,” says Perrella. “The commission held as credible the first apparitions. Afterward, things became a little more complicated.”

A little more complicated? What is complicated about thirty years of blatant fakery which negate any possibility that the “visionaries” are actually the chosen messengers of the Mother of God?

How can Perrella defend the credibility of these huckster “visionaries” with a straight face? Read it and laugh: “Just as Jesus chose men, not saints, to be his apostles, God does not choose saints to be visionaries, Fr Perrella said.”

Give me the proverbial break. All of the apostles became saints, as Our Lord foresaw they would when He first chose them (having foreseen also, and having warned the apostles, that one of them would betray Him). Likewise, all of the Fatima visionaries are saints, two of whom have already been canonized, with Sister Lucia’s sanctity being beyond question, given that she was the primary visionary with the mission to keep the Message of Fatima alive in the mind of the Church. As noted in Thursday’s column, however, the Commission’s view of the credibility of the Medjugorje “seers” diminished when their actual behavior was considered!

Perrella adverts to a coming “pastoral solution” by which the Commission “recommended that Pope Francis lift the ban on official diocesan and parish pilgrimages to Medjugorje and that he designate the town’s parish Church of St James as a pontifical shrine with Vatican oversight.” At this point, the reader’s laughter should be uproarious: the Commission seriously proposes to dignify the site of fake apparitions, filled with nonsense and even heresy, by granting it the status of a pontifical shrine while simultaneously professing not to have given a definitive judgment on the apparitions themselves.

This “solution,” says Perrella, “would ensure that ‘a pastor and not a travel agency’ is in charge of what happens there.” Just how stupid does he think the faithful are? Once the site of the phony apparitions is made a pontifical shrine, the same travel agencies booking Medjugorje tours will be doing business like never before.

This entire farce is but further evidence of what we already see and what the Third Secret in its integrity predicts: “diabolical disorientation” at the very heights of the Church, where now we are told that visionaries who have misled the Church and the world for thirty years were believable for about ten days.

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One comment on “More on the Ridiculous “Ruini” Report

  1. It never ceases to amaze how convoluted and absurd liberals well and truly are.

    What Ruini’s cuckoo cabal came up with wouldn’t pass the smell test even among seminary freshmen only two weeks into their first course in spiritual discernment.

    But hey, we’re talkin’ sunny Nuovo Roma where never is heard a discouraging word and the skies are not cloudy all day, right?

    Again, for the record, a devout Marian Bishop, Pavlo Zanic, the Bishop of Mostar was swift and emphatic in his condemnation of the hoax. And it was his call to make, just as it was the responsibility of the hierarch of Leiria-Fátima in 1930 when Our Lady’s authentic appearances in 1917 in Portugal were approved for public dissemination and pious devotion.

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