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Bill Donohue comments on how the media are spinning the meeting between President Trump and Pope Francis:

The first news report I heard this morning on the meeting between the president and the pope was on radio: WCBS said reporters were taking note of the fact that President Trump smiled but Pope Francis did not. That must mean something, of course. But it does not—it means nothing. As even the New York Times and the Washington Post acknowledged, the two were beaming when they shook hands. So what?

When I met the pope, he had a winning grin when we shook hands, but looked serious for a group shot. That’s the way he is. Imagine if the president wasn’t smiling and the pope was. Would that mean Trump had just been put in his place? What if neither was smiling? Would that mean they hate each other?

Other media outlets played the same game:

“The president smiled broadly beside the pontiff, who appeared subdued and stone-faced before the 30-minute private conversation.” (NBC News)

“They posed for photographs and then sat down at the papal desk, the pope unsmiling, as their private meeting began.” (CBS News)

“While Trump flashed a wide grin, the Pope offered only a modest smile—his demeanor, business like.” (CNN)

There was no breaking news story about the content of the meeting, but the Vatican did release a statement saying, “Satisfaction was expressed” by both the president and the pope on several issues, including “their joint commitment in favor of life, religious liberty and freedom of conscience.” Those are non-negotiable issues of paramount importance.

Most of the media were content to recycle the same discredited story about the president and the pope from 2016.

In February 2016, a reporter from Reuters misrepresented Trump’s position on illegal immigration to the pope. The Holy Father was told that Trump thinks it is okay to break up families when deporting illegal aliens. This is untrue.

In fact, Trump explicitly told Chuck Todd that he would never do that. After the media distorted what Trump said, the pope said if someone said he was only interested in building walls, that would not be Christian. He added that he would give him “the benefit of the doubt.” Trump was then told that the pope said he was not Christian, and he responded by saying that was “disgraceful.”

In other words, both men were misled about what the other said about him. The media continued to float these falsehoods today.

President Trump and Pope Francis disagree on climate change and immigration, but they have more in common on abortion, gay marriage, gender ideology, and religious liberty than what divides them. The real difference was between President Obama and Pope Francis—on these issues and others—though the media failed to report it.

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    Catholic League

    Bill Donohue comments on a new example of media bias:

    I recently issued a news release on the meeting between the president and the pope. In it I quoted from a source that purported to be the official Vatican statement. It noted “their joint commitment in favor of life, and freedom of worship and conscience.”

    After my release was issued, I said to a colleague that it was odd to see the Vatican speaking about “freedom of worship” instead of “religious liberty.” I then checked the official Vatican website and found that “religious liberty” had indeed been the wording of the official statement. We have since corrected my initial remarks.

    So who is misreporting this? The Associated Press, Politico and many other media outlets.

    Does this matter? Yes. “Freedom of worship” is the term used by people such as President Obama and Hillary Clinton: they are conveying a privatized understanding of religious expression, one that relegates religious beliefs and practices to houses of worship.

    “Religious liberty” conveys a robust public expression of religion. That is the term preferred by the Catholic Church, as well as all of those who are truly religion-friendly.

    The mainstream media know the difference. This was no mistake.

  2. I expect The Donald had in the back of his mind that meeting the Pope was a nice way of showing solidarity with some top Catholic staffers and his many Catholic voters. But I doubt seriously that the President or the Pope attached any more significance to the meeting other than that it was just one more diplomatic gesture to check off on an otherwise par for the course overseas foray.

  3. Küng Fu: Modernism the Legend Continues

    Master Po: What is troubling you, Grasshopper?

    Kwai Chang: I am confused, Master.

    Master Po: What seems confusing to you now, Grasshopper?

    Kwai Chang: Why does the media spin the narrative by saying “freedom of worship” instead of religious liberty?

    Master Po: Ah, Grasshopper, when a wolf enters a chicken coop looking for dinner does he ask the coyote to announce his arrival before he enters?

    Kwai Chang: I do not know, Master, for I am not a wolf. Do you wish me to play some more Jethro Tull runs on my flute while I stare looking spaced out and zombified on Aspartame?

    Captain Kirk: Mister Spock! The lamestream media spinning the narrative of Vatican comments as “freedom of worship” instead of religious liberty… analyze using your superior Vulcan logic which we no longer call “superior” in order to avoid being accused of excessive rigidity and neo-Pelagian triumphalism by sensitive liberals and progressive modernists with self-esteem issues who might be less familiar with Aristotelian logic due to progressive curriculum changes from the Land O’Lakes conference agenda and who, therefore, might find displays of logic to be triggering events and microaggressions, retreating into safe spaces like hysterical, fragile snowflakes….

    Spock: Fascinating, Captain. It is possible that privatizing the issue religion as merely freedom of worship is an Alinskyite strategy for marginalizing Christians and closing off the public square in modernity from open discussion of religious and moral values which might challenge liberal multiculturalism and moral relativism.

    Captain Kirk: Doesn’t that arouse attention and suspicion, Mister Spock?

    Spock: Not necessarily, Captain. The intellectual lobotomy from Common Core has retarded curiosity in many Americans. Since the study of History has been abandoned it is likely to escape much notice. This is the genius of dissembling, liberal media spin.

    Mike Brady: That’s it, Carol! All this time we’ve been trying to reason with Jan, as if appeals to reason, common sense, and logic would get through to a wild-eyed Southern Californian teenager. Maybe we need to use liberal media spin on Jan!

    Carol Brady: Oh, Mike, I dunno. She must already be getting a lot of liberal spin from all of the social engineering at school.

    Mike Brady: Let’s just think this through, Carol. We’ll tell Jan that she can’t go around wearing a crazy wig because it will make the other girls at school , who can’t afford wigs, to feel bad about themselves and wearing a wig around would be a triggering event and microaggression.

    General Buck Turgidson: What kind of crazy pinko Commie plot is this?

    Dr. Bones McCoy: He may be right, Jim.

    Captain Kirk: Well, I suppose it could work. With all of the Frankfurt School social engineering going on, Jan will probably not even notice.

    Ron Burgundy: This is the essence of Cultural Marxism.

    Hans Küng: I would like to issue a microaggression citation!

    Captain Kirk: Spock, have we ever tried to apply any Frankfurt School social engineering on the crew of the Enterprise?

    Reverend Neuhaus: That’s my opening… Now, where Niebuhr and Maritain can find common ground, there’s quite a lot of…

  4. Captain Kirk: But, Spock, what happens if, amidst all of this Frankfurt School social engineering and liberal spin, that Jan figures out that Mike and Carol are just toying with her?

    Uncle Charley O’Casey: Steve, if we start using that Commie Frankfurt School stuff on Chip and Ernie how will we keep a straight face on the Fourth of July?

    Steve Douglas: Well, we’ll just have to have a talk with them and explain that it is all part of the Alinskyite dialectic and the Cloward-Piven strategy for collapsing civilization.

    Ernie: Oh, our teacher at school said that waving an American flag is a microaggression.

    Uncle Charley: To think that I risked my life at Anzio and the Battle of the Bulge so that liberal nutjob teacher could teach Ernie wacko nonsense like that! Did you hear that, Steve?

    Steve: Oh, I heard it.

    Uncle Charley: What kind of civilization will their grandkids inherit?

    Steve: Well, it will be different, I guess.

    Uncle Charley: Different?

    Steve: Things change, so it will be different.

    Uncle Charley: Just “different”? Is that all you can say? Different? Like Robbie’s hippie sideburns?

    Steve: Well, different from what it was for hundreds of years. Like when the Dodgers moved to Los Angeles…

  5. June Cleaver: Ward, I’m concerned about the Frankfurt School social engineering coming from this new Health class they’re making Wally take at school.

    Ward Cleaver: Health class?

    June: You know…the birds and the bees. I just hope this new teacher hasn’t pushed things too far yet.

    Eddie Haskell: I did notice that Miss Weld was being a bit forward with Wallace after class. But I’m sure she hasn’t tried out any of the risqué Freudian theories she spouts on the Dobie Gillis Show. Although I understand she does play Twister at parties and was discussing Ravel’s Boléro a bit too immodestly in class the other day….

    Ward: Wally, you and I should have a little talk about what’s been happening at school.

    Wally: Sure thing, Dad. What’s up?

    Ward: Well, it’s about this new teacher teaching the Health class.

    Wally: Oh, you heard about that, huh?

    Ward: Your mother and I are concerned about how some of this material is being presented.

    Wally: I guess Beaver told you about how she was passing bananas around in class, huh?

    Ward: Yes, he did. Now, tell me about this new teacher…

    Wally: Well, that’s just it, Dad. The new teacher for the sex-ed class is Tuesday Weld.

    Ward: Tuesday Weld? From the Dobie Gillis show? She’s the teacher passing around bananas in your class???

    Wally: Yeah. Tuesday Weld. Pretty nutty, huh?

    Ward: Tuesday Weld???? June! June! We may have a real problem on our hands!

    Tuesday: Now, class, I want you to play close attention as we pass around these…

    Ward: I’m going to call the school board!

    Ward: Of course, I’m sure she only invited Wallace over after school to help him with his homework, Mrs. Cleaver. There are a lot of technical terms in the Kinsey Report….

    June: Ward!!!

  6. Eddie Haskell: On the other hand, if things have gone too far and you will be welcoming a new daughter-in-law into the Cleaver household earlier than expected, she’ll be able to help Wally catch up on his Health class homework right here.

    June: Ward!!!

  7. Captain Kirk: Mr. Spock, is the concept of religious liberty, as developed in the late 20th-Century Catholic Church, a precursor of Star Fleet’s Prime Directive?

    Spock: Yes, Captain, many historians cite religious liberty, along with concepts of “interreligious dialogue” and “seeds of truth,” as foundational for our current Non-Interference Directive. It’s easy to see that allowing various cultures to develop their religious sense without Church or State interference is a parallel to allowing life forms to evolve naturally until they are ready to join us willingly.

    Kirk: But Spock, must we allow them to labor under superstitious beliefs that compel them to cut heads off so-called infidels, or cause pollution by burning fossil fuels that could annihilate the entire species?

    Spock: Yes, Star Fleet is very rigid in its interpretation of General Order 1. However, the early 21st-Century Church shed its rigidity, at least on environmental concerns, setting a precedent that is beginning to gain traction at Star Fleet. By the next Century, will we have the same Prime Directive?

    Captain Jean-Luc Picard: There can be no justice so long as laws are absolute. Even life itself is an exercise in exceptions.

  8. Sulu: Of course, personal freedom of self-expression in the libertarian sense is a principle which must allow all people to express themselves, their identities, and to pursue the meaning of the universe in whatever way they choose, pursuing their own idea of the good and self-actualization in accord with personal subjectivity and happiness.

    Captain Kirk: Is that correct, Mister Spock?

    Spock: Affirmative, Captain. More or less, without citing Friedrich Hayek and Lord Acton in detail.

    Captain Kirk: To express our own idea of the good and happiness in whatever way we want….Hmmm…..

    Spock: My emotional responses are quite limited, nevertheless….

    Spock:…and this is what it’s like to be human?

    Captain Kirk: Mister Spock! I don’t mean to interrupt, but I may need your help!

  9. Trump sells Vatican to Pope Francis for 2.5 million

    [ is fun site.]
    Komissar al-Blogunov
    5/24/2017, 8:48 am

    The world’s best known dealmaker-turned-president showed that when it comes to real estate, nobody out-negotiates the Trumpster.

    The president met briefly with Pope Francis, whom Trump described as a “…very, very nice man. Very hospitable,” before agreeing on a price for the Vatican.

    Subjects discussed by the two leaders included the environment, world peace, religious tolerance, and property values.

    “After a little going back and forth, I finally asked His Holiness what he was willing to offer for the Vatican. He made an offer, but you know how deals are, he started low and I started high,” Trump told the accredited media shortly afterwards.

    “At one point, I said, ‘Look, I know you work hard and don’t have a lot of money, so I’m willing to include the Sistine Chapel.’ Well that brought him around and we settled on 2.5 million. Not a bad deal at all. And that chapel, it was painted by a very, very talented artist. I told Ivanka, ‘Hey, find this Michelangelo guy and have him do the White House.’ You know, Melania thinks the place needs a makeover, and I think she’s right,” the president said.

    “I couldn’t be happier,” said a delighted Pope Francis. “All my predecessors were only exalted guests here, but now I own the place. Not bad for a poor kid from Argentina who used to work as a bouncer.”

    The pope also hinted that he may revise his views of capitalism. “This was an eye-opener for me. If we allow people to profit from their labors, maybe together we can make the Vatican great again.”

    The two men shook hands on the deal and fielded questions from reporters about how the recent efforts at reconciliation between the Catholic and Orthodox faiths might have influenced the outcome of last year’s election.

  10. Captain Kirk: Mister Spock! President Trump selling the Vatican to Pope Francis for 2.5 million dollars… analyze using your superior Vulcan logic which we no longer call “superior” in order to avoid being accused of excessive rigidity and neo-Pelagian triumphalism by sensitive liberals with self-esteem issues who might be less familiar with Aristotelian logic due to progressive curriculum changes from the Land O’Lakes conference agenda and who, therefore, might find displays of logic to be triggering events and microaggressions, retreating into safe spaces like hysterical, fragile snowflakes…

    Spock: Fascinating, Captain. Surely, President Trump was acting as a straw buyer on behalf of Russia under orders from Vladimir Putin.

    Captain Kirk: So Russia was behind President Trump’s trip to the Vatican?

    Spock: That has been confirmed by seventeen different intelligence agencies staffed with Alinskyite Obama appointees following the Cloward-Piven strategy to collapse civilization.

    Doctor Bones McCoy: And Melania’s outward displays of Catholic faith at the Vatican were a distraction to keep Pope Francis from noticing that Trump is part of a Russian Communist conspiracy!

    General Buck Turgidson: What kind of crazy Communist conspiracy is this?

    Captain Kirk: But I thought Pope Francis was the one with Communist sympathies?

    Mike Brady: That’s it, Carol! All this time we’ve been trying to reason with Jan from the point of view of our Western bourgeois decadence and alienation. What we need to do is to use Communist tactics on Jan!

    Carol Brady: Gee, I dunno, Mike. She just wants to wear a crazy wig around and make a fool of herself. Made we should let her get it out of her system until she grows out of it.

    Mike Brady: No, Carol. I really think that three weeks working as an intern at MSNBC or CNN, listening to all of that Orwellian Newspeak and Doublethink may be just the kind of dystopian mental torture she needs to snap out of the suburban bourgeois complacency of the 1970s San Fernando Valley!

    General Buck Turgidson: Commie mind control on American teenagers???

  11. Uncle Charley O’Casey: Steve, did you hear that that nutjob liberal Pope just bought the Vatican from Donald Trump for 2.5 million dollars???

    Steve Douglas: Well, it sounds like a fair price.

    Uncle Charley: And seventeen different intelligence agencies packed with Alinskyite Obama appointees imposing the Cloward-Piven strategy for collapsing civilization have confirmed that Trump did it for the Russians!

    Steve: Well, you do hear a lot about the Russians on the television and radio these days.

    Uncle Charley: What kind of nonsense is this? If Trump was working for the Russians, why didn’t he charge Pope Francis ten million dollars to buy the Vatican?

    Ernie: Maybe Pope Francis talked him down during their negotiations.

    Robbie: Sure, that’s it. Like, if you stare at my hippie sideburns long enough, you’ll get hypnotized and go out and buy some hair care products.

    Steve: Sure. It must be something like that.

    Chip: Would you like a chocolate chip cookie? They’re pretty good. Robbie put some Hawaiian sinsemilla in them.

    Uncle Charley: What is this world coming to?

    Steve: It’s probably the Cloward-Piven strategy for collapsing civilization.

    Uncle Charley: To think that I risked my life at Anzio and the Battle of the Bulge so those Commie eggheads could sit on their butts in seventeen intelligence agencies staring at Donald Trump’s hair while civilization gets invaded by barbarians!

    Ernie: You could always call Oprah.

    General Buck Turgidson: Trump sold the Vatican to Pope Francis? Why didn’t I get the memo on this?

  12. Donald Trump Is Causing Problems At Disney World
    Those familiar with Walt Disney World in Florida know that the park is home to an attraction called the Hall of Presidents. Inside, there are animatronic (read: robot) versions of every single president of the United States, ever. The problem? Ever since the Clinton administration, the sitting president’s robotic stand-in has had a speaking role. According to Vice’s Motherboard, Disney’s Imagineers don’t know how they can incorporate President Trump into what’s supposed to be a celebration of American values with his “hateful speech, misogyny, racism, and xenophobia.”

    Mouseketeer Don Grady: What? Just wait until my Uncle Charlie hears about this! He told me Walt Disney was a good anti-communist. Can’t pinko fags leave any good thing alone?

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