Melania and Ivanka Trump Covered their Hair in the Vatican – Unlike in Saudi Arabia

Melania and Ivanka Trump Covered their Hair in the Vatican – Unlike in Saudi Arabia

“Melania and Ivanka kept with tradition and wore [the customary black] veils [and dresses] to meet the Pope. The veil, or mantilla, is traditionally worn by women as a sign of respect when meeting the Pope.” – The Guardian

On Wednesday morning President Donald Trump and his common-law wife Melania [with his daughter Ivanka] arrived at the Vatican for a meeting with Pope Francis. The first lady [and daughter] were wearing black mantillas, a lace head scarf.

Last Saturday Melania and Ivanka Trump refused to cover their hair while visiting Saudi Arabia. Women are legally required to cover their heads in the Muslim kingdom.

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22 comments on “Melania and Ivanka Trump Covered their Hair in the Vatican – Unlike in Saudi Arabia

  1. Trump Meets Pope – Nothing Crazy Happens

    President Trump and The Pope came face to face after the mainstream media had promoted this clash of the titans as likely to end in fireworks as the two world ‘leaders’ sparred over border walls, socialism, immigration, global terror, and whatever else the media thinks will divide the world most effectively.

    Sadly for the media, nothing crazy happened…

  2. I say “good for them” to Melania & Ivanka for dressing appropriately when meeting the Pope and not kowtowing to radical feminist demands to show their liberated status like the former female president of Ireland did when she met with JP II bareheaded… and kudos to the pair for NOT respecting the Islamic custom of veiling women while they were in Saudi Arabia! It should make people wonder why the two institutions are NOT equivalent.

  3. [Meanwhile the former first lady violates the dress code, custom, etiquette and good taste (“Quick: Call the fashion police! Call a hair stylist!”) in the former first couple’s visit to a church in Tuscany; hat-tip to Canon212)]

    Michelle Obama Breaks Church Rules and Enters Siena Cathedral with Tacky Open Shoulder Top

    Jim Hoft
    May 23rd, 2017

    Rules are for the little people.

    Barack and Michelle Obama are vacationing in Sienna, Tuscany this week.
    The two arrived in Italy on Friday.


    Michelle Obama wore a classless shoulder-bearing top and khaki pants.

    The UK Daily Mail said she looked “especially glamorous.”

    The commenters at The Daily Mail strongly disagreed saying her choice was “not appropriate” and it “looks like a napkin.”

    Barack and Michelle Obama were visiting the Duomo di Siena – the Sienna Cathedral.

    Michelle broke the dress code. Women are required to cover their shoulders when entering the historic Catholic cathedral

    But not Michelle Obama. She’s above all that.

    Thank goodness for Melania Trump.


  4. Class tells. And the First Lady, objectively speaking in light of her graceful manners and attire in all her public appearances, literally OWNS “class” in the West, today. To the ire and envy of libtards everywhere!

  5. WHOA!!
    Melania says she’ll pray every day for hospitalized children following Papal meeting – as she reveals she will be the first Catholic to live in the White House since the Kennedys

    • Melania Trump’s spokeswoman confirms that she’s a Catholic
    • The first lady met with Pope Francis on Wednesday at the Vatican, where he blessed a rosary for her
    • Then she went to a Vatican-affiliated pediatric hospital where she met with children, prayed in a chapel and laid flowers at the feet of a statue of Mary
    • One boy she met, who needed a donor heart, will get his organ transplant, the hospital learned just hours after Melania’s visit
    • It’s unclear when Melania became a Catholic or when she was baptized
    • She and her sister weren’t baptized as infants and didn’t make their First Holy Communion along with other kids their age
    • Her father was a member of the Communist Party in Slovenia in order to work, and the party was official atheist
    • Melania opened a February presidential rally in Florida by surprising the president with a recitation of the Lord’s Prayer
  6. Credits to Melania for acting with class and grace and showing good example for all women. Whether she was baptized of not I don’t know, nor it is any of my business.

  7. I’ve got to say something about Melania. It’s good to see she’s presently herself fairly modestly, but I am concerned she’s going to be used as an example for the divorced and remarried receiving communion mess we’re in. I don’t know when she converted, be she must surely understand that she’s in an adulterous relationship, shouldn’t she? She is his third “wife” after all.
    Out here in the battlefields of the real world where we’re dealing with people who want nothing to do with the Catholic Church due to things such as the homosexual priest sexual abuse stuff and the current pontiffs nonsense it seems to me to be yet another layer to deal with in trying to save souls. Any thoughts on this?

    • [Formatting tip: to get a blank line between paragraphs, put the following on a line by itself

      Send a note to Servitium to please get us a comment editor that has preview.]

      It’s a terrible punishment. Anyone who is looking for an excuse to avoid the narrow way has it supplied by priests, bishops, and the pope. You can tell someone the Ten Commandments, but Francis has given them an out on 6 – 10, and the case could be made for 1 – 5 as well. Prayer and sacrifice are “all” we have, but Our Lady has granted extra graces especially for our time, so what seems a small offering on our part is greatly amplified by her.

  8. I think the First Lady is spiritually sensitive and acts on her better instincts, which may very well be informed by particular graces intent upon bringing her back into the Church. We do know that God is very patient and I’d bet He is not displeased that she has publicly manifested certain signs of cooperating with the graces He has already given her through Our Lady, Mediatrix of ALL graces – toward Whom Melania appears unapologetically devout.

    This First Lady is, in one sense, truly the FIRST First Lady to so gracefully uphold a public example to which even serious Catholics may pay attention without having to lower their eyes and mumble.

    Jacqueline Kennedy maintained a certain elite air coupled with what, at the time, I think was a heartfelt faith, especially in the wake of the loss of a son and a “challenging” marital partner in very short order. My hope for her is that her post-White House escapades were settled properly before her death. I suspect that may have been the case. And I comment on this only due to its internationally public and longstanding nature.

    While one may not set aside the irregularities and conflicts inherent in the Trump marital situation, vis a vis divine law, one may also hope that actual graces will eventually lead the President and the First Lady to a more and more vibrant faith and praxis over time – within the Church.

    St Paul instructs (or was that a Petrine epistle?) to pray for the emperor. I’ll try to now do what Scripture requires, which I have heretofore not done, and leave the arrangement of significant details to Our Lady.

  9. AT, though I’ve seen no official reports other than the announcement by a FLOTUS spokesman the other day that she is, in fact, Catholic, it is my understanding that her Slovenian family was, in part, Catholic. Since her birth was under USSR domination, you can only imagine whether the family could even publicly practice their faith.

    Your point about the Bergoglian doublespeak / AL crowd trying to make hay of the current situation (even though neither Melania or The Donald attend Mass, as far as I know) does bear watching.

  10. Boris Badenov: See how gorgeous Comrades Melania and Ivanka fool pope.

    Natasha Fatale: Boris! I thought you have eyes for me alone!

    Boris: But my cupcake, I speak for the Revolution.

    Natasha: Oh, dahlink! But we must make sure Moose and Squirrel and Pope think they are good girls.

  11. Boris: This is map to Vatican. We plant listening devices to leak Trump conversations with Bolshevik Pope. Is genius, no?

    Natasha: Yes, my darling!

    Boris: With Alinskyite sleeper-agent Obama appointees in seventeen American intelligence agencies following Cloward-Piven strategy, decadent Western bourgeoiski useful idiots will never suspect that leaks are coming from us, no?

    Boris: We leave map here so useful idiots follow right into our trap.

    Natasha: You devious little Bolshevik, my darling!

    Boris: Why so much pizza talk?

    Natasha: What is spirit cooking, comrade?

    Fearless Leader: Pervert Alinskyite sleeper agents are part of master plan!

  12. Wonderfully funny stuff, gentlemen.
    : – )

  13. Boris: I use cell phone to activate listening devices!

    Natasha: One question, my Bolshevik darling: if Hillary and her campaign staff are disgusting abnormal perverts why do decadent bourgeoiski media talking heads wish that she had won the election instead of Trump?

    Boris: Because they are perverts too!

    Boris: We plant Alinskyite perverts as sleeper agents in all decadent bourgeoiski capitals to crash capitalist system and destroy morale of normal decadent bourgeoiskis! Is genius, no?

    Natasha: Your mastery of the dialectic is alarming, my Bolshevik darling!

    Natasha: Come, we take train to Paris tonight!

    Boris: In Paris we lure Rothschild Illuminati puppet into devious plan!

    Natasha; What is plan, my darling?

    Boris: Is most devious!

    Boris: You stay here, Natasha, while I set up bondage honey trap for decadent bourgeoiski NATO ministers!

  14. Natasha: What is next part of plan, my Bolshevik darling?

    Boris: We plant malware in Weiner’s laptop to transfer pervert photo and video files.

    Natasha; But what if Moose and Squirrel discover that decadent bourgeoiski perverts are Alinskyite sleeper agents?

    Boris: We call comrade Brennan to leak more classified information!

    Natasha: You are devious Bolshevik real man, my darling!

    Natasha: You must teach me devious Machiavellian and Alinskyite methods of dialectic!

    Boris: Come, my darling! We must find more Manchurian candidates and useful idiots!

    Natasha: Tell me, Boris, is Macron sleeper agent or useful idiot?

    Boris Badenov: Some secrets must be saved for WikiLeaks, no? We meet again at Eiffel Tower to discuss Master Plan!

    Natasha: That is what I love about you, my Bolshevik darling! You are devious even when you are hiding something! When decadent bourgeoiski Moose and Squirrel find out, it will be too late to save civilization, no?

  15. Howl, I enjoy Moose & Squirrel and Boris and Natasha more these days, with your creative gifts added on, than I ever did in the 60s. Although, they were fun even then.

  16. Natasha Fatale: When decadent bourgeoiski perverts are revealed as Alinskyite sleeper agents we take diplomatic plane back to Moscow, no?

    Boris: We are safe for now, my darling! Weiner has cut deal with Illuminati puppets to make files on laptop disappear.

    Natasha: What will happen to pervert Alinskyite sleeper agents?

    Boris: Six months of sock puppet therapy, then right back home.

    Boris: Come, Natasha, you must get ready for next bondage honey trap operation!

    Natasha: Who is decadent bourgeoiski target of devious honey trap this time?

    Boris: We must spread disinformation and subversion for dialectic!

    Dudley Do-Right: When duty calls, we cannot delay….

    Meanwhile….Sherman and Mr. Peabody enter the WABAC machine….

  17. Bullwinkle: I think I need my safe space, Rock!

  18. Natasha: Where is decadent bourgeoiski target?

    Boris: I trick decadent bourgeoiski Moose and Squirrel with false trail!

    Natasha: You have fooled them with Alinskyite dialectic, my Bolshevik darling!

    Race Bannon: They’ve left a false trail with the Alinskyite dialectic, Dr. Quest.

    Agent Scully: They seem to have left a false trail, sir.
    What happened to the bleepin’ pervert video files on Weiner’s laptop?

    Agent Mulder: Russia! Russia! Russia! Is that all they can talk about?

    Agent Scully: Yeah. Whatever happened to D.B. Cooper?

    Agent Mulder: Didn’t you hear? He was last seen with Elvis in a casino in Las Vegas being tailed by Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale.

    Agent Mulder: Now somewhere around here we should find the crown jewels of the Romanovs…

    Agent Scully: Are you sure, Mulder?

    Agent Mulder: No, it’s Lee Harvey Oswald’s Blockbuster card. That proves he survived the staged shooting by Jack Ruby on television.

    Agent Scully: But if the Russians didn’t hack into the DNC computers, then who did?

  19. Hmmmm…. I’ve been referring to our Servitium as Fearless Leader for years. I wonder if he could straighten out this wonderful mess.

  20. Natasha: We must distract decadent bourgeoiskis with more leaks and disinformation to protect Alinskyite sleep agents!

    Agent Scully: So this is Weiner’s laptop? Well, that looks pretty strange!

    Agent Scully: Have you ever seen anything like the before, Mulder?

    Agent Mulder: Not since the last bachelor party I went to.

    Agent Scully: We better check this out.

    Agent Scully: Some of them are very twisted, but I think I may know what happened to Hillary’s missing emails…

    Kolchak: OK, just be careful if you find them!

    Jim Phelps: She thinks she found the missing emails?

    Steve McGarrett: I’m afraid so. If she goes looking for them alone, there could be trouble.

    Perry Mason: That sounds serious, Steve. Let me call Paul Drake…

    Deputy Barney Fife: Paul Drake can’t get there in time? Well, I’ll have to ask Andy…

    Deputy Barney Fife: Weiner’s laptop!

    Deputy Barney Fife: They didn’t tell me where the emails are!

    Agent Scully: You wait here. I’ll go inside.

    Agent Scully: Something tells me I should have stayed home tonight…

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