Francis: Catholics Persecuted Communists?

Francis: Catholics Persecuted Communists?

[I agree with the sentiment expressed – not by the Pope but by the Argentinians in the example that he cites; Communists should be pursued and prosecuted, including in the US – especially academia where they chase away and persecute those with whom they disagree]

In his Tuesday homily Pope Francis gave an example from Argentina, “I remember in my country many, many men and women, consecrated good people, not ideologists, who used to say, ‘No, the Church of Christ is such and such… – This one is a Communist, get him out!’. And they chased them away and persecuted them.”

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  1. All freedom loving peoples everywhere note your compassion, Comrade Jorge! Muy Bueno! Viva La Revolucion! Andale! Arrrriiiiiibaaaaaaaa!

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