Interview with Syrian Catholic Bishop

[Interview with Syrian Catholic Bishop]

Gloria.TV News on the 22nd of May 2017

God Sent us Russia: Syrian Catholic Auxiliary Bishop Jihad Mtanos Battah of Damascus spoke with Italian Pandora TV about the situation in Syria. He makes it clear who saved the Syrian Christians. Quote: “Were it not for the Syrian Arab Army and Russia we would all have been massacred.” Battah’s own family had to face the butcher, but “God send us Russia to save us.”

Stop Supporting Terrorists: According to Battah the Middle East Christians do not want Christians in the West helping them to emigrate. They need those Churches to tell their governments to stop supporting terrorists. Battah asks, “Why are Christian leaders silent? The result will be the rise of extremism and terrorism in the West.”

No Dialogue: For Bishop Battah, the true problem in Syria is the wrong politics of the United States and the weakness of the European Union. He criticized that the West shot down all diplomatic channels. Quote: “The whole world is speaking in the name of the Syrian people, but they do not want to listen to the Syrian people.”

Right to Self-Defense: Bishop Battah criticizes Western propaganda: “We are accused of being ‘pro-regime’. No! We are with our legitimate state and with our national army. As priests we are with our people.” And: “We have the right to defend ourselves. Syria was attacked by big nations.”

He Did Not Run Away: Bishop Battah has lived in Europe: “I have not seen democracy there.” He adds, “I would not exchange my country with the whole world. I was the 15 years head of an Institute in Rome. But I resigned in order to serve my country.”

The Christians Are Behind Assad: The bishop denies that there is a civil war in Syria. Quote: “We live in peace in Syria. We love each other. We did not even know if somebody was Christian or Moslem.” He adds: “If the Syrian people were against President Assad, he could not survive for a month. The Syrian people support President Assad.”

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    Syrian Catholic Bishop Jihad Battah: His Excellency looks like Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J., in Syrian Catholic garb (the good Father is bi-ritual) making a point on his EWTN program


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