English bishops sees influence of gay-rights advocates in bishops’ program

English bishops sees influence of gay-rights advocates in bishops’ program

[Similar to St. John Fisher, the only English bishop of his time who opposed the immorality of King Henry VIII’s divorce of Queen Catherine and subsequent “marriage” to Anne Boleyn]

Catholic World News – May 22, 2017

An English bishop has expressed dismay that a sex-education program distributed by the bishops’ conference contains material from gay-rights activist groups.

The bishops’ conference recently roused protests by distributing a special program, entitled “Made in God’s Image: Challenging homophobic and biphobic bullying in Catholic schools.” The program, which was distributed to all the country’s secondary schools, contained material taken from the literature of two groups—Stonewall and LGBTYouth—that have advanced the homosexual cause.

Bishop Philip Egan of Portsmouth told LifeSite News that “the influence of Stonewall and LCBTYouth is clear” in the bishops’ document, noting that substantial passages appear to have been cut and pasted from the activists’ documents into the bishops’ program. Bishop Egan remarked that this use of material from non-Catholic sources was an example of the “ideological colonization” against which Pope Francis has warned the Church.

“The best defense against this form of ideological colonization,” Bishop Egan said, “is to promote attractively and clearly an authentically Catholic anthropology with its profound understanding of the human person.”

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